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A Marvelous Fairytale Victory! Margaux Rocuet & Victoria Barcelona Win €40,000 Tropicana Derby CSI 3* at Jumping de Dinard

2019. Dinard CSI 3 Derby Margaux Rocuet & Victoria Barcelona JID E. Knoll

On the 3rd day of competition, the highlight of the day was no doubt the €40,000 Tropicana Derby CSI 3*, with 20 combinations starting for the CSI 3* challenge. The faithful public of the International Jumping de Dinard CSI 5*/3*, known for supporting its French champions, but also the athletes from all over the world, was not mistaken, since the grandstand was once again time fully packed.

The public of the International Jumping de Dinard CSI 5*/3* had one more time filled up the grandstand of the Val Porée stadium to watch the famous €40,000 Tropicana Derby CSI 3*. The main difficulty in that type of classes is to find the right pace so that the horse can breathe until the end properly.

The French victory of Margaux Rocuet (FRA) was even more special since the rider is based in the family stables of La Gouhardière in Saint Helen, a few kilometers away from Dinard.

Derby Tropicana CSI 3* Victory for Margaux Rocuet & Victoria Barcelona

After a second place in 2018, the rider from Brittany, Margaux Rocuet (FRA) won the famous €40,000 Tropicana Derby of Dinard CSI 3*, with the same mare, Victoria Barcelona, born at her father’s place just ten years ago.

2019. Dinard CSI 3 Derby Margaux Rocuet & Victoria Barcelona JID E. Knoll 2

Margaux Rocuet (FRA) & Victoria Barcelona

The French rider and the 10-year-old Selle Français mare (Huppydam des Horts x Flipper d’Elle*HN) were the faster of the only two combinations that registered no penalties in 1.45m challenge, securing the victory in 167.03 seconds.

2019. Dinard CSI 3 Derby Moments Margaux Rocuet & Victoria Barcelona JID E. Knoll 2

An emotional Margaux Rocuet (FRA) during the awards ceremony

“It was emotionally complicated, since I had the pressure of doing as well as last year. For me it was difficult to imagine performing better, with the quality of riders present this year – said Margaux. The rider, ready to burst into tears with emotion, paid tribute to her mare, she had actively prepared these past few weeks.

“For a month and a half, Victoria did not see an arena, she worked a lot outside, in the fields, she went many times to the beach, and I trained again with my eventing coach Nicolas Richard at the Domaine des Ormes in Dol de Bretagne, like last year. Usually, Victoria is very quiet, but last night when we trained in the water on the main arena, I felt she knew something was going to happen.”

2019. Dinard CSI 3 Derby Moments Margaux Rocuet & Victoria Barcelona JID E. Knoll

Margaux Rocuet (FRA) & Victoria Barcelona

Margaux paid tribute to her whole team and associated everybody to this beautiful win.

Second place was claimed by world number one Steve Guerdat (SUI), riding Evita (Canturano x Farmer) towards a penalty-free effort in 171.56 seconds.

Julien Gonin (FRA) finished third aboard Vipper du Lavoir (Castronom Z de Hus x Ahorn. They were among the very first pairs to start, still earning bronze honors with two time penalties after stopping the timers in 183.72 seconds.

Based around Lyon, the French rider admitted he did not fully prepare his horse for this Derby, since everyday he likes to train his horses outside, take them to the fields, even on the road, and make them jump ditches and natural fences.

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Source: Press release from Agence Consulis for Jumping International de Dinard

Photo: © Jumping de Dinard / Pixels Events