CSI 3*

Kung Fu Knock Out Performance! Katrin & Chao Lee Supreme in the €100,000 Grand Prix of Surenburg CSI 3*

Riesenbeck, Germany – July 22, 2023 – Ever since being crowned World Champion amongst Six-Year-Olds at the 2019 FEI/WBFSH Jumping World Breeding Championship for Young Horses, Chao Lee has carried a lot of expectation associated to her name competing all over Europe. Katrin Eckermann (GER) has chosen a gradual approach to developing the highgly talented 10-year-old Rhinelander mare (Comme Il Faut x Chacco-Blue) and on Saturday it paid off once again!

Katrin Eckermann (GER) & Chao Lee

After many clean rounds this year, they rode to their second consecutive major win at the Longines Global Champions Tour of Riesenbeck CSI 3*. After winning the Ludgers €52,600 Pferdefutter Trophy CSI 3* the previous day, the dynamic duo were amazing again, claiming victory in the €100,000 Grand Prix of Surenburg CSI 3*, in Memorian of Baron Constantin Heereman.

Katrin Eckermann (GER) & Chao Lee

Only 4 out of the original 36 combinations managed to advance to the tiebreaker and Katrin Eckermann’s conservative approach paid off as they were the only ones to complete the jump-off course in flawless fashion, doing so in 50.67 seconds for the win.

Nicolas Pizarro (MEX) and Atlantica du Soleil Z (Atlantus van de Roshoeve x Felin Pierreville) were much faster, but their time of 45.89 seconds came at the expense of one pole down, awarding them silver honors.

Zazou Hoffman (USA) and Bloom du Plessis (Orient Express x Rosire) were even faster than the Mexican, but they were forced to settle for thrid place despite their time of 44.06 seconds, knocking down two poles for 8 penalty-points along the way.

Maurice Tebbel (GER) and Chacco’s Light were the other finalists, but the German decide to retired, settling in fourth place.

Katrin Eckermann (GER) & Chao Lee during the awards ceremony

Final Results – €100,000 Grand Prix of Surenburg in Memorian of Baron Constantin Heereman CSI 3* – 1.55m

1) Katrin Eckermann (GER) & Chao Lee – 0 / 0 – 50.67

2) Nicolas Pizarro (MEX) & Atlantica du Soleil Z – 0 / 4 – 45.89

3) Zazou Hoffman (USA) & Bloom du Plessis – 0 / 8 – 44.06

Source: Riesenbeck International

Text: Jumper News, no reproduction without permission.

Photos: © Riesenbeck International / Nina Krug Photography