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Pedro Veniss Doubles Down Riding Lord Pezi Jr. to Another Win at the Chantilly Classic 4*

Chantilly, France – July 13, 2023 – The days go by and look alike for the Brazilian Pedro Veniss (BRA), who after his victory the day before in the Grand Prix des Haras, won again the main event of the day, the Prix Hubside CSI 4*. Even if it is not the same horse.

Pedro Veniss (BRA) & Lord Pezi Junior

After the mare Nice Van Baublo the previous day, it is with the 14-year-old Boeckmanns stallion Lord Pezi Junior (by Lord Pezi) that the Brazilian won this “big” jump-off race on Thursday at Chantilly, the second qualifier for the Grand Prix CSI 4*. (needless to say that he is largely qualified for this ultimate test)! “Very happy, of course, rejoiced the Brazilian in perfect French. It’s always very difficult to win at Chantilly with such a field. I am really satisfied with the behavior of my horses here: just like me, they are visibly happy to be able to jump on this wonderful track”.

Pedro Veniss (BRA) & Lord Pezi Junior

With eleven jump-off finalists out of the seventy-eight pairs at the start, this course, built by the Spanish course designer, Elena Boix Gracia (ESP), Santiago Varela’s assistant, did not seem the simplest: “Indeed, it was a very technical course, confirms Pedro Veniss (BRA). The triple, very delicate, caused many faults, named on the middle oxer. But once again the course designer has offered us a very nice course. “At two-thirds of the jump-off, Veniss and Lord Pezi Jr were still three tenths behind in the clock, however, it was over the last three obstacles that they made the difference: “Indeed. I couldn’t decide at first whether to do seven or eight strides on the first line… I did eight when I arrived at this spa. On the third obstacle of the jump-off, I understood that I was a little slow and that I had to make a decision: I then took a risk on the bidet, the horse reacted with a lot of kindness and it passed.”

Pedro Veniss (BRA) & Lord Pezi Junior

With these two winning horses, will Pedro Veniss be able to forget his legendary Quabri de L’Isle? “I don’t think so, he was the horse of my life. I went to visit him in Lyon two months ago and I have an incredible feeling for this horse. He is 20 years old, but when I saw him, it is as if he was still 12 or 13 years old. He makes beautiful foals, to whom he often passes on his burnt chestnut coat with washed horsehair, and he is a very good breeder. I personally have a 7- year-old son of Quabri who jumps very well as well as a 5 year old, and I get a lot of videos of his products who jump great too.

There was still the very good performance of the Northerner Juliette Faligot (FRA) with Arqana de Riverland (Cornet Obolensky), runner-up to Veniss, who continues her good progress with this brilliant 13-year-old mare.

A testament of the high-level list of participants and fierce competition, three different nations claimed the top three positions with Millie Allen (GBR) and Crazy Daisy 13 riding towards bronze honors.

Pedro Veniss (BRA) & Lord Pezi Junior

Final Results – €50,000 Prix Hubside CSI 4* – 1.50m

1) Pedro Veniss (BRA) & Lord Pezi Junior – 0 / 0 – 42.15

2) Juliette Faligot (FRA) & Arqana de Riverland – 0 / 0 – 42.95

3) Millie Allen (GBR) & Crazy Daisy 13 – 0 / 0 – 43.36

Source: Press Release by Pascal Renauldon (translated & edited) / Agence R&B Presse for Chantilly Classic

Photos: © Agence R&B Presse / Adèle Renauldon