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David Will & Mexico Marvel as the Meeting of Happiness is Back Again at Morocco Royal Tour – Tétouan CSI 4*-W

Tétouan, Morocco – October 07, 2022 – These facilities of Tétouan Equestrian Centre, in the superb installations of the Moroccan Royal Guard are simply magic with their decoration, this fortress of entry and its crenellated towers, these majestic palm trees, these stone tribunes of a splendid architecture and this public which fills them generously as of the closing of the offices. A unique atmosphere that gives the sport a special dimension. And on the sporting side, after a day of observation on Thursday, we moved on to the serious stuff Friday, notably in the CSI 4* with the €25,600 Prix de La Marche Verte, a qualifying class for the Grand Prix on Sunday.

An “eliminatory” class, we should say, because of the 53 candidates, 13 will not be at the start of the main class on Sunday afternoon. The hard law of sport. “Managing such a class is not easy, between the desire to win and the fear of one mistake too much that could mean elimination for the Grand Prix. Especially when you are the first rider to go as it was the case for the Brazilian Luciana Diniz: “We don’t know if we have to go fast or not because we have no reference and it’s not easy to choose the right rhythm, but the main thing is assured, I will start in the Grand Prix”. It was the rider’s international comeback, under her new Brazilian colors, and that of her horse Vertigo du Désert since the Tokyo Olympic Games where they were still defending the Portuguese flag. “It was a decision of the heart, an intuitive decision: I wanted to finish my career for my country of origin, and I hope to wear the jacket of the seleção at the Paris Olympics Games. In the meantime, I am so happy to be here, what a great competition, thank you to the organizers for inviting me”.

The German David Will (GER), confident in his horse Mexico, went for the victory, winning this 1.45m qualifier by a big second over the unexpected Egyptian Mouda Zeyada (EGY): “I took the risk to win because I knew then that even with a fault, it would still be enough to qualify for the Grand Prix. I open the throttle at the beginning because I knew that there were other very fast riders who would come after me. It was risky, but it worked”. The world number 30 was discovering the MRT and Tetouan for the first time; he does not regret the trip: “It’s amazing here. It’s really great for the horses and the riders. Everything is perfectly organized, this stadium is beautiful, there is a lot of public and the atmosphere was already huge today. It is really a pleasure to be here”.

The other winners of the day were Mohammed Azoum with Uranie de Brekka for Morocco, in the Prix de Zouda (1*, 1.25m), Emanuele Gaudiano with Chaccart PS for Italy, always efficient in speed events like this Prix Sakia El Hamra (4*, 1.40m) and Victor Mariano Luminatti with Kolivar for Brazil in the Prix des Forces Armées Royales (1*, 1.35m),.

Four more exciting classes are on the program Saturday, including the famous Winning Round at night, the Prix de Dakhla.

Three fabulous sites, three three-day stages for the eleventh edition of the Morocco Royal Tour circuit that will take place between October 6 and 23, 2022. Created in 2010 on “High Instructions from His Majesty The King Mohammed VI” and chaired by Prince Moulay Abdallah Alaoui, the MRT grows from year to year, thus confirming its place as a major competition in the world equestrian calendar, under the aegis of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI).

The circuit starts in Tetouan, from October 6 to 9 (€232,500 in prize money), in the superb facilities of the Royal Guard. A magnificent site with “great” facilities: majestic stands and superb stables decorated in the purest Moroccan tradition.

The Rabat stage, from October 13 to 16 (€274,000 in prize money), is held in the facilities of the Royal Moroccan Equestrian Sports Federation, technically flawless with night-time events including the 4* Grand Prix on Friday. The flagship event will be the Nations Cup, scheduled on Sunday afternoon.

The last stage of El Jadida, from October 20 to 23 (€241,000 in prize money), is run indoors and offers a sports program similar to that of Tetouan. It also allows you to discover the Moroccan Horse Show, certainly the most important on the continent, and where the most prestigious showjumping class will be held: the Grand Prix of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

Final Results – €25,600 Prix de La Marche Verte CSI 4*

1) David Will (GER) & Mexico – 0 – 71.38

2) Mouda Zeyada (EGY) & Katia – 0 – 72.67

3) Niels Kersten (NED) & Tippy Z – 0 – 72.80

Source: Press Release by Adèle Renauldon / Agence R&B Presse for the Morocco Royal Tour

Photo: © Morocco Royal Tour / Agence R&B Presse / Pascal Renauldon