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Bemer Riders Tour: A Grand Finale & Exciting New Season of the Championship Series

Hagen, Germany – April 21, 2022 – For jumping fans, Horses & Dreams Meets Canada CSI 4* & 2* from April 20–24, holds double the excitement. On Thursday and Friday with the glittering conclusion of the 2021/22 Bemer Riders Tour, when a champion will be crowned. However, due to the pandemic and the fact that several legs of the circuit were forced to be either cancelled or postponed, it will be followed by the start of a new, exciting season Saturday and Sunday, with many opportunities, extension of the series concept and new stages.

“Consistency” is the decisive word for success in the Bemer Riders Tour. As nice as a big win is, being really good just once is not enough in the international series. In order for consistency to develop, not only exceptional riders and horses are needed, but also a tried and tested set of rules. The tour has:

Eligible to Start: in 5 of the 7 stages of the series are:

1.) The Best 25 riders in the world ranking list (Longines Ranking) status: 2 months before the start of the event)

2.) The Top 3 riders of the current 2021/22 Bemer Riders Tour Ranking – for the first leg applies: The best 3 riders of the final classification of the 2019/20 Bemer Riders Tour

3.) Other riders who are entitled to start at the respective tournament.

Bemer Riders Tour Evaluation Test

The Bemer Riders Tour competition is advertised as an international world ranking competition with two rounds. Regarding the starting order in the 1st round the following applies: Reverse order of the qualification result. This means that the best in qualifying has secured pole position and is the last to start in the special stage.

The best 25 percent of the first round go into the second round, but at least all zero-fault rides. In the 2nd round everyone starts again from zero. Penalty points from the first round are therefore not taken.

The start sequence in the 2nd round is in reverse order of the penalty points from the 1st round (participants with the most penalty points start first). If there is a tie in penalty points, the participants start in the same order as in the 1st round.

There is an exception at the Hamburg Derby, because there are 2 qualifications (penalties/time) to ride, and only the 32 best make it into the Bemer Riders Tour evaluation test, the German Jumping Derby, which is advertised with a one-time jump-off.

Bemer Riders Tour Rating
Points are awarded to the riders as follows for the placements in the respective evaluation tests:

Bemer Riders Tour Point System

Place / Points

1)20 – 2)17 – 3)15 – 4)13 – 5)11 – 6)10 – 7)9 – 8)8 – 9)7 – 10)6 – 11)5 – 12)4 – 13)3 – 14)2 – 15)1

If several riders occupy the same place, they will receive the same number of points. Example: two riders in 3rd place: 15 points each. The next rider would then be 5th and gets 11th points.

Overall winner of the BEMER Riders Tour: “Rider of the Year”

Prizes: The top 3 in the final classification will each receive a Land Rover car. For the overall ranking of the Bemer Riders Tour, the 4 best results are counted.

For a rider to be considered in the final classification, a start in the final stage, the 2022 “VR Classics” Neumünster , is mandatory.

Whoever has collected the most points in the Bemer Riders Tour is “Rider of the Year”.

In the case of a tie, most victories or 2nd places, etc. decide. If there is still a tie, the better result in the evaluation test of the final stage decides.

Source: Bemer Riders Tour

Photo: © PSI Events / Bemer Riders Tour / Horses & Dreams / Stefan Lafrentz Pferdefotografie