Equestrian Australia Announces Showjumping Team for the Olympic Games in Tokyo

Sydney, Australia – July 04, 2021 – Earlier last week, Equestrian Australia, the governing entity for equestrian Sports in Australia, released a statement confirming all equestrian team members for the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Equestrian Australia states the following in their statement:

“We wish to congratulate the combinations selected to represent Australia at the postponed Olympic Games, and to join them in celebrating the reward following years of hard work in being named an Olympic athlete, there is no higher sporting honour.”

The selected showjumping team members for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are: 

  • Jamie Kermond (AUS) & Yandoo Oaks Constellation, owned by Kerrie Winning. Groom, Cody Mulder
  • Katie Laurie (AUS) & Casebrooke Lomond, owned by Katie and Jackson Laurie with Sheena Ross. Groom, Ashlyn Cuku
  • Edwina Tops-Alexander (AUS) & Identity Vitseroel, owned Edwina herlsef. Groom, Reesa Pihu
  • Reserve combination: Rowan Willis (AUS) & Blue Movie, owneed by Rowan, David and Elsa Willis, Renee Willis, Michael and Wendy Jackson and Warren Coventry. Groom, Robert Buniowski

Equestrian Australia also added:

“We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the unwavering determination and perseverance shown by all our athletes, owners and grooms who campaigned towards Tokyo 2020 team selection over the past five years. While there are limited places on an Olympic team and even less so in Tokyo owing to the new Olympic format, which allows for only three team members with no drop score, we were fortunate to have an enviable depth of talent entering the selection process. All of our athletes not only displayed resilience in their approach to the multiple setbacks and disappoints thrust upon them by Covid-19, but they also showed admirable team spirit and support of their fellow athletes, as well as embodying the core values of our sport throughout their campaigns. We are proud of all of our athletes who strove towards team selection, and with the World Equestrian Games taking place in 2022 we have no doubt that many already have their sights firmly set on the World Championships next year.

Our Tokyo 2020 cohort are not only a diverse and talented group spanning generations, we also have two athletes whose selection has made Australian history. Andrew Hoy will represent Australia at an unprecedented eighth Olympic Games, extending his own record of seven as the most Olympic appearances by an Australian athlete, while Mary Hanna becomes the first woman to make six Australian Olympic Teams. These incredible achievements are the result of Andrew and Mary’s devotion to a career spent in the pursuit of equestrian excellence, as well as the unique nature of our sport, where age nor gender hinder an athlete in representing their country on the greatest sporting stage in the world.

As our selected athletes now look ahead to preparing themselves and their horses for PEQ, travel to Japan and the upcoming competition, our EA High Performance staff ensures no stone is left unturned as our operational and logistical procedures are finalised ahead of departure. Mary Hanna will be the very first Australian athlete to touch down in Tokyo upon the official opening of the Olympic village in less than two weeks time, with the dressage competition the first of the equestrian disciplines to be contested at the Games.   

We would like to thank the National Selectors, team Chef d’Equipes, EA High Performance Panel, National Discipline Committees and the EA Board for their tireless year-round work, all in a voluntary capacity, dedicating their time to overseeing various aspects of the sport. Their collaborative efforts ensure the EA High Performance Program can focus on supporting our athletes as they strive to realise their podium potential, ensuring the strongest team is nominated to represent Australia on the world stage.

We look forward to embarking on this journey with our selected athletes, horses and team members and to share the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with our stakeholders and the wider Australian equestrian community.”

Source: Equestrian Australia

Photo: © Jumper News / JC Markun