Haras Rosa Mystica: The Journey to the Top of the Sport

2019. Haras Mystic Rose Zambia Mystic Rose JC Markun
The journey to the highest level of showjumping is not an easy task for any breeder, horse owner nor rider. Having any of your horses taking part in a FEI event, let alone a five-star class at international horse shows, continental championships or even World and Olympic Games, is a dream that only a few fulfill, requiring high investment of resources, time, and constant dedication of skilled professionals.
In Europe and the United States that is hard to achieve, despite all the structure and market, an environment more suitable for all stakeholders to thrive. In other parts of the world, it is much harder, due to the lack of incentive and investment in the niche. Only high levels of management and excellence make it possible for equestrians, their businesses and horses to succeed in such places, which is exactly the case of Haras Rosa Mystica and two of the amazing animals, Magnolia Mystic Rose and Zambia Mystic Rose.
2019. Haras Rosa Mystica Zambia Mystic Rose JC Markun
Zambia Mystic Rose
A Passion for Showjumping & High-Performance Horses 
The success story of these two mares begins with the Leite family due to their passion for horses and showjumping.  Jozias Leite, the patriarch of the family, was born in the countryside and was always in contact with horses. His children started riding at a very young age, having received training and being being members of one of Brazil’s most traditional equestrian centers, Sociedade Hípica Paulista (SHP), in the heart of the thriving city of São Paulo. 
2019. Haras Rosa Mystica Jozias Leite HRM
The patriarch Jozias Leite with one of Haras Rosa Mystica’s amazing horses
The family went on to acquire a farm in the countryside, in the city of Salto de Pirapora, State of São Paulo, Brazil. As a result of their passion for horses and showjumping, they decided to establish a stables there in 2000. They chose Haras Rosa Mystica as the name of their stables because of their faith and devotion to Lady of Mystic Rose.
2019. Haras Rosa Mystica Free Jumping
A top prospect young horse free jumping at Haras Rosa Mystica
The family’s main goal has been to focus on breeding, raising and developing high-performance horses through the sale of semen, embryos and top showjumpers, all out of the best bloodlines for competition at the highest top level of the sport.
An International Rise to Glory 
Soon after starting their operation, the stables achieved many results in state and national championships, including at the yearly Brazilian Sport Horse Studbook (BH) National Festival. Only five years after establishing their stables, Haras Rosa Mystica already had results that accredited their young horses to compete at international level, highlighted by their successful participation at the 2005 World Breeding Jumping Championships for Young Horses Championships (WBFSH) in Lanaken, Belgium.
2019. Haras Rosa Mystica Magnolia Mystic Rose NCV
Magnolia Mystic Rose competing at the 2018 Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF)
Their success continued and it was decided that two of their most successful animals, Magnolia Mystic Rose and Zambia Mystic Rose would be sent to the United States to compete at the 2018 Winter Equestrian Festival.
Once again, the two mares more than lived up to expectations, with Magnolia Mystic Rose (Zirocco Blue VDL x Cardento) winning two classes at one of the most difficult circuits in the world. The first victory came in the Bainbridge Prize CSI 3* but the then 8-year-old Brazilian Sport Horse mare also earned top honors in the $35,000 Douglas Elliman 1.45m CSI 5*. She also went on to qualify for the $500,000 Rolex Grand Prix CSI 5*, finishing the competition with only an unlucky rail down.
2019. Haras Rosa Mystica Zambia Rosa Mystica WEF NCV
Zambia Mystic Rose
Zambia Mystic Rose also had her share of success in 2018, winning the Bainbridge 1.40m CSI 5* at WEF before going on to win the $35,000 NetJets Welcome Stake CSI 2* at the 2018 Great Lakes Equestrian Festival.
Olympic Dreams Fulfilled at the 2019 Pan American Games
After a successful year in 2018, Nilson decided it was time to focus on qualifying the mares to participate in the 2020 Olympic Games. For that, 2019 Pan American Games in Lima would be the perfect test for them to prove their quality once again and earn  technical accreditation from the FEI to compete in Tokyo.
2019. Haras Mystic Rose Pan Am Magnolia Mystic Rose
Magnolia Mystic Rose competing at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru
Several records were broken representing the Brazilian Sport Horse Studbook (BH) in Lima. They were the first horses from the Brazilian Sport Horse Studbook to represent another country in the continental championships, not only one, but two different countries. It was also the first time that two Brazilian Sport Horses from the same stables competed at the Pan-American Games. In the last two years, the two mares, Magnolia Mystic Rose and Zambia Mystic Rose, obtained qualification for the most important showjumping competitions in the world: 2018 World Equestrian Games in Tryon, European Championships in Gothenburg, 2019 Pan American Games in Lima and now the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Truly, an incredible feat for the young Brazilian Sport Horse Studbook.
According to owner Nilson Leite, the goal was to rank them for the final, among the best in the Americas. “We are very happy and thrilled with the results, as this proves the quality of the national animals.”
2019. Haras Mystic Rose Pan Am Zambia Mystic Rose 1
Zambia Mystic Rose competing at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru
Not only did both of them qualify for the finals, but Magnolia Mystic Rose finished in 16th place overall and Zambia Mystic Rose in 20th.
Unprecedented Incentive & Support to Partners 
Haras Rosa Mystica sees their clients as long-term partners and they are so confident in what they sell that they have an innovative program that reimburses clients who have acquired animals that originate either from their breeding operations (semen, embryo) or sale of horses:
* Reimbursement of Entry Fees – valid for state, national and BH Studbook National Festival competitions
* Buy back Mares – Clients have the option of selling mares back to Haras Rosa Mystica
* Assistance in Resale of Male Horses – Hara Rosa Mystica helps partners who have acquired of artners in the sale of stallions and geldings bought from Haras Rosa Mystica
Moreover, the renowned stables is working on establishing its own ranking system in which the highest-ranked horses that were bought originally from them have the opportunity to compete at the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF), having part of their logistical costs for the trip covered by Haras Rosa Mystica.
About Haras Rosa Mystica
Foals are conceived from selected bloodlines where genetics are taken into consideration and a management program based on excellence is applied in order for the best development of the horses. In addition to top of the bloodlines for great genetics, they believe in the need for constant care in the management of foals and their broodmares.
Their staff is highly qualified and use superior quality feed and constant use of mineral supplements. Only then will the animal’s great genes reach full potential, the upbringing  and healthy growth of foals with the locomotor apparatus and bone structure suitable for high performance in the sport.
Affection and attention begin long before each horse is conceived and continues until the moment it is placed in the care of a new owner. In each choice of the crossings, in each insemination and embryo collection, and in each foal that is born, they believe that there will be a future champion, fundamentally in partnership with his future owner or rider.
2019. Haras Rosa Mystica Logo
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