Rolex Testimonee Rodrigo Pessoa: World, Olympic & Three-time FEI World Cup Champion

2018. RGS Interview Rodrigo Pessoa Rolex Kit Houghton

You hold the equal record number of wins for the IJRC Rolex Top 10 Final and Rolex Grand Prix combined, why do you think you always performed so well here?

Geneva is a show that I have always liked very much and being part of the Rolex family meant I always wanted to come here and do my best. I think Geneva was also just a really lucky place for me, I was very fortunate to have such incredible horses and everything always used to come together on the day.

In your mind what makes the perfect student? What are you looking for when you’re coaching?

I’m looking for receptive students, students who are open to changes and trust what you are saying from your experience and from what you are picking up on that they can improve. I am looking for students who are not blind to what I am saying, because as a coach I have been through a lot of experiences in my life and seen a lot, so I can use this to help the students.

When you are looking at younger horses what qualities are you looking for to make the next 5* jumping horse?

You look at the raw qualities of the horse, how intelligent it is, how much scope it has, and how it corrects its mistakes. When a horse is young you don’t know for sure, a lot of things will happen before the horse becomes a 5* horse, there’s a lot of questions that only time can answer and so it is really difficult to always predict correctly.

If you could compete on any horse in the world that has ever lived, which would it be?

Probably Jappeloup, Pierre Durand’s horse, the Olympic champion of ’88, he would be the horse of my dreams

Source: Press release from Rolex Grand Slam

Photo: © Rolex Kit Houghton