CSI 3*

Karin Martinsen & Holsteins Matina Top €35,100 Absolute Tour Diamond Grand Prix CSI 3*

2018. Absolute Tour CSI 3 GP  Karin Ernbratt Martinsen & Holsteins Matina AT.jpg

Karin Ernbratt Martinsen (SWE) and Holsteins Matina won the €35,100 Absolute Horsetrucks Diamond Grand Prix CSI 3* last Sunday during the Absolute Tour CSI 3* in Sommersted, Denmark.

The Swede and the 9-year-old bay Danish Warmblood (Party Dance x Charmeur) were victorious in the 1.50m challenge by leaving all the poles up for the second time and completing the jump-off course with no penalties in 42.02 seconds.

Roelof Bril (NED) and Evarado (Casinos x Phin Phin) were the only other combination that had qualified for the tiebreaker and even registered a much faster time, finishing second due to their four penalty-points in 39.99 seconds.

Diana Marsá-Lafarge (ESP) & El Dorado (Indorado x Heartbreaker) secured the third spot on the podium after having one time-penalty attributed to them due to their time of 79.19 seconds in the first round.

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Photo: © Absolute Tour