CSI 2*

Melanie Cloarec Conquers the Laiterie de Montaigu Prize CSI 2* at Lyon

Lyon, France – November 02, 2023 –Held at the end of the day on Thursday, the €27,510 Laiterie Montaigu Prize CSI 2* was won by Mélanie Cloarec (FRA). The rider from Brittany and her faithful mare Cartouche de Pléville started first in this class against the clock with 1.45m obstacles and set an unassailable time of 59”16.

Cédric Hurel (FRA) & Fantasio Floreval Z

None of the other riders managed to do better. Jean-Luc Mourier (FRA) was the only rider to go under the 59-second barrier, but he made a mistake and remained just out of contention.

Maelle Martin (FRA) & Epsy Mouche

The podium was entirely made up of French riders with second place going to Cédric Hurel (FRA) and Fantasio Floreval Z (60”19) ahead of Maëlle Martin (FRA) riding Epsy Mouche (60”60). 

Maëlle Martin (FRA) & Epsy Mouche during the awards ceremony

Winner`s Circle – Melanie Cloarec (FRA)

“It’s amazing to start first and win the race! I’m really happy. Cartouche is a very fast horse and I didn’t need to push her. I just had to tighten my turns and that was enough! Now, we are focussed on the Grand Prix. I’m going to try to do a clear round and hopefully even get the win!” Mélanie Cloarec (FRA) 

The Grand Prix of the CSI 2* will take place on Saturday at 3.40pm.

Final Results – €27,510 Laiterie Montaigu Prize CSI 2*

1) Mélanie Cloarec (FRA) & Cartouche de Pleville – 0 – 59.16

2) Cédric Hurel (FRA) & Fantasio Floreval Z – 0 – 60.19

3) Maëlle Martin (FRA) & Epsy Mouche – 0 – 60.60

Source: Press Release from Longines Equita Lyon

Photos: © PSV Photo / Jean Morel