Top Talents & Trustworthy Partners in the October Auction of Dutch Horse Trading

“The Auction of Dutch Horse Trading is a super reliable source.”

More and more horse riders, breeders, owners, and trainers are using the monthly auctions of Dutch Horse Trading as a source to find upcoming talents, trustworthy partners, proven schoolmasters, broodmares and showjumpers ready to compete at international level. “Once you’ve bought a horse from the team at Dutch Horse Trading, it’s very likely you come back to find another super star,” said one of the many happy clients. The collection for this month can be watched online at and all horses can be tried in person. Bidding from October 10-12.

With over twenty youngsters, a few hunters, dressage horses, an 8-year-old showjumper, and several 6-year-olds, also this month’s auction is filled with interesting horses for all kinds of riders of all kinds of levels with all kinds of budgets. Check out the collection at and decide for yourself if there’s a horse that could suit you. Make sure you are registered and place your bid before Thursday, October 12, 20h CET, 2pm EST.

Smooth Process

The sales prices of the horses are very affordable most of the time and the aftermath when you purchase a horse is not complicated at all. Annika Oliver is an example of one of the many happy clients of Dutch Horse Trading. She purchased Ensor 14 in this year’s March auction. “Ensor has been amazing in the U.S. He’s been doing the 1.10m with me and is so good!”

Oliver is not only happy with her horse, but also with the whole process of purchase and importing her new horse. “The whole process of importing a horse through the auction was so much smoother than I initially expected. Ensor came in great shape just as his pictures/videos had shown as well. The Dutch Horse Trading auction is a super reliable source.”


Check out this month’s collection to see if there’s a horse of your liking. If there is, make sure you are registered and place your bid between Tuesday, October 10 and Thursday, October 12. About the honesty and the transparency of Dutch Horse Trading: team members are always willing to tell you everything they know about the horse, and many clients come back after their initial purchase.

Pedigrees, videos, X-rays, vet reports and more details are available on And feel free to come and try out the horses yourself or to send somebody to do it for you. You can also have the horse checked by a veterinarian of your choice.


Go to and the social media pages to find your match! The auction closes Thursday, October 12 at 20h CET / 2 pm EST. Contact Niels Fabrie (+31 6 22 20 63 40) for more information.

Source: Press Release from Dutch Horse Trading

Photos: © Dutch Horse Trading