CSI 5*

Guilherme Foroni Flies the Highest in the R$ 200,000 Classic CSI 5*-W at São Paulo

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil – August 26, 2023 – The Longines São Paulo Horse Show – The Indoor Jumping of Brazil continued on a super Saturday at Sociedade Hípica Paulista (SHP). Despite low temperatures and the windchill factor that made if feel much colder, the heat was on as a full house gathered for the R$ 200,000 Classic CSI 5*-W. In the end, it was Guilherme Foroni (BRA) and Clueso 5 who prevailed in an another thrilling class.

Once again, the main challenge of the day was a jump-off test contested by forty-three combinations on a course designed by Guilherme Jorge (BRA), featuring fences set at the maximum height of 1.45 meters.

Guilherme Foroni (BRA) & Clueso 5

Contrary to Friday’s main event, there was a jump-off and the time allowed did not influence any result. In fact, despite being the trailblazers, Guilherme Dutra Foroni (BRA) and the 14-year-old bay Holsteiner stallion (Catoki x Cassini I) showed the way to to the ensuing combinations by clearing all the obstacles and completing the course within the time allowed of 84 seconds. The excitement was guaranteed as four other competitors mastered the test, answering all the questions proposed by Jorge.

Having the disadvantage of going first in the tiebreaker and adding a bit of drama to the script by tipping the top pole of the Longines oxer, Guilherme Dutra Foroni (BRA) and Clueso 5 (Catoki x Cassini I) set the standard in flawless fashion, taking the lead in 38.03 seconds.

Raphael Machado Leite (BRA) and Monika Pullman were aggressive, trying to improve but their time of 36.95 came at the expense of 3 rails down. Cesar Almeida (BRA) and Nefertite Arero do Império Egipcio duplicated the score of the previous pair.

Artemus de Almeida (BRA) & Calvano C JMen III

Artemus de Almeida (BRA) and Calvano C JMen III, twisted and turned on the course while still being a bit more careful, charging through the track without knocking a single pole down before crossing the finish line in 40.22 seconds, which would hold up for second place.

Remo Tellini (BRA) & Allana Semilly

Last but not least, Remo Tellini (BRA) and Allana Semilly gave it a go, having one down in a valiant effort in 39.15 seconds, a mark that secured the rider the third spot on the podium.

Guilherme Foroni (BRA) & Clueso 5 during the awards ceremony

Final Results – R$ 200,000 Classic CSI 5*-W – 1.45m

1) Guilherme Foroni (BRA) & Clueso 5 – 0 / 0 – 38.03

2) Artemus de Almeida (BRA) & Calvano C JMen III – 0 / 0 – 40.22

3) Remo Tellini (BRA) & Allana Semilly – 0 / 4– 39.15

Celebration: Artemus de Almeida (BRA), Cesar Almeida (BRA), Remo Tellini (BRA), Guilherme Foroni (BRA), Bernardo Braga de Albuquerque Pereira (BRA) and Raphael Machado Leite (BRA)

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