CSI 3*

Alix Ragot Races to First in the €26,200 CRE Bretagne Prize CSI 3* at Dinard

Dinard, France – July 29, 2023 – The Jumping International de Dinard CSI 5*, CSI 3*, continued with 6 events, two on sand and four on grass. Besides the legendary Derby de Bretagne CSI 3*, another CSI 3* competition stole the spotlight, even more as a fellow Frenchman claimed the win.

In the €26,200 CRE Bretagne Prize CSI 3*, the final CSI 3* class before Sunday’s Grand Prix CSI 3* with 52 pairs in the running, representing eleven nations, having to complete a perfect round to qualify for the jump-off. This was no easy feat, as only seven couples managed to do so, while four were eliminated and five decided to retire.

On the shortened jump-off course, which allowed the finalists to gallop at will, Robin Lesqueren (FRA) & FBI d’Ellipse (FRA), Alexandra Amar (SUI) & Lyon Van de Plataan (SUI), Jean Le Monze (FRA) & Famoso du Sillon, Philippe Rozier (FRA) & Dirty Sweet, Carlos Hank Guerrero (MEX) & HS Ganesh SH Hero Z, and Nicolas Delmotte (FRA) & Jeck K repeated their clear rounds.

However the relentless clock registered Alix Ragot (FRA) and Diaz de Ush (Kapitol d’Argonne x Quaprice Boimargot Quincy) as the winners, timed in 39.36 seconds, nearly a second ahead of their closest pursuers, Robin Lesqueren (FRA) and FBI d’Ellipse, who crossed the finish line in 40.21 seconds.

Alexandra Amar (SUI) and Lyon Van de Plataan completed the top three, doing so just four-hundredths of a second behind the latter combination.

Final Results – €26,200 CRE Bretagne Prize CSI 3* – 1.45

1) Alix Ragot (FRA) & Diaz De Ush – 0 – 39.36

2) Robin Lesqueren (FRA) & FBI d’Ellipse – 0 – 40.21

3) Alexandra Amar (SUI) & Lyon Van de Plataan – 0 – 40.25

Source: Press Release (edited) from Agence Consulis for Jumping International de Dinard

Photos: © Sportfot