CSI 3*

Guy Williams “Feels the High” of Winning the Evet Drug Puissance CSI 3* at Bolesworth Castle

Bolesworth Castle, United Kingdom – June 18, 2023 – Against the beautiful backdrop of Bolesworth Castle, a nine-strong field of horses and riders each came forward to take on the challenge of the big red wall in the eVet Drug Puissance CSI 3* .

Firm favourites from the beginning, Puissance Specialists Guy Williams (GBR) and Mr Blue Sky UK delighted the crowd in every round, soaring over the wall with ease and finishing victorious over 2m15cm. Second place was secured by Puissance newcomer, Ireland’s Brendan Murphy (IRL) with Erne Riverrun, and Daniel McAlinden (IRL) with Keatingstown Z Wellie Two

It was a real priviledge to see one of the greatest Puissance horses of all time, Mr. Blue Sky UK in action at Bolesworth, and the crowd certainly showed their gratitude too!

Guy Williams (GBR) & Mr. Blue Sky UK during the awards ceremony

Final Results £10,200 eVet Drug Puissance CSI 3*

1) Guy Williams (GBR) & Mr. Blue Sky UK – 0 / 0 – 0

2) Brendan Murphy (IRL) & Erne Riverrun – 0 / 0 – 4

3) Daniel McAlinden (IRL) & Keatingstown Z Wellie Two – 0 / 0 –4

Source: Press Release from Bolesworth International Horse Show

Photos: © Bolesworth International Horse Show / 1st Class Images