CSI 2*

A One-Two for Canada as Ali Ramsay Races to First in $38,700 Talus Speed Challenge CSI 2*

Thermal, California, USA – February 03, 2023 – Ali Ramsay (CAN) has a new secret weapon, and it might not be a secret anymore. The Canadian National Champion rode to the win in Friday morning’s $38,700 Talus 1.45m CSI 2* Speed aboard Ramsay Equestrian, Inc.’s Conrado 12, unveiling a star she’s known to be there all along. The pieces clicked into place for Ramsay to top the 31-horse class and take home her first major win of the 2023 Desert Circuit

Ali Ramsay (CAN) & Conrado 12

“My fiance actually bought him as a 5-year-old and he sent him down with me in California at the beginning of his 8-year-old year to get sold, and after a month of riding the horse I loved it so much I realized I couldn’t let this one go,” Ramsay said of her beginnings with the now 10-year-old Zangersheide gelding (Cardento x Diarado). “After this last year, I feel like we’ve really started to develop our partnership and the last two days it really clicked. We changed our bridle; we have a hackamore bit combination and all of a sudden it feels easy.”

Conrado 12

Having competed at the CSI 2* and CSI 3* levels since summer of 2021, Friday marks Conrado 12’s first FEI win. Ramsay’s trust in the horse allowed them to take their speed up a notch and the horse’s natural careful demeanor kept all rails intact for the quickest clear round over Alan Wade’s (IRL) challenging track.

Ali Ramsay (CAN) & Conrado 12

“Today I felt like I could give him a good shot,” Ramsay said. “He’s the type of horse that if I run in the Speed [class] the first day it doesn’t affect my grand prix. He’s not one that needs to be put back together, so I felt like I could run as fast as I could and hopefully keep all the jumps up and be faster than everyone else.”

Ramsay had the benefit of seeing the trouble spots that ultimately led to only five clear rounds. Using the horse’s scope and natural footspeed, her time of 69.30 seconds could not be caught.

Vanessa Mannix (CAN) & Valentino d’Elte

It was a one-two for Canada as fellow Canadian Vanessa Mannix (CAN) claimed second with Valentino d’Elte (Castronom Z*de Hus x Windsor), registering no penalties in 71.16 seconds.

Chandler Meadows (USA) & Italy HDH

Chandler Meadows (USA) and Italy HDH (Cream On Top x Elegance) claimed the third spot on the podium backed by a penalty-free performance in 72.87 seconds.

Ali Ramsay (CAN) & Conrado 12

Through Ramsay’s partnership with Conrado 12, the primary focus with training has been, “Adjustability of the stride. He’s a Cardento [baby] and they all have a bit of a funny mouth; they get a bit headstrong. As much as I try to go to the gym, I’m not super strong in the arms. We do a lot of poles just controlling his stride length and getting the adjustability, and being able to gallop up a line and balance a bit. It feels like that’s really clicked.”

Ramsay’s fiance, Jerome David is the one to thank for the partnership between Ramsay and Conrado 12. “He’s an accountant by morning and a really good horse scout,” she said. “He watches too many videos. He just got a remote job so he could come down here for circuit and has two of his own horses he’s showing. He’s got a really good eye for it so I’m lucky to have that in my corner.”

Ali Ramsay (CAN) & Conrado 12

Final Results – $38,700 Talus Speed Challenge CSI 2*

1) Ali Ramsay (CAN) & Conrado 12: 2013 ZANG gelding by Cardento x Diarado, Ramsay Equestrian LLC- 0 – 69.30

2) Vanessa Mannix (CAN) & Valentino d’Elte: 2009 SF gelding by Castronom Z De Hus x Windsor, Vanessa Mannix – 0 – 71.16

3. Chandler Meadows (USA) & Italy HDH: 2013 KWPN gelding by Cream On Top x Numero Uno, Chandler Meadows – 0 – 72.87

4) Skylar Wireman (USA) & Citoki: 2006 HOLST gelding by Catoki x Chambertin, Shayne Wireman – 0 – 73.90

5) Kaitlin Campbell (USA) & Armentos: 2011 OLDBG gelding by Armitage 2 x Levanto, SWS Training & Sales – 0 – 75.07

6) Zoe Brown (USA) & Chase: 2007 HOLST gelding by Colman x Coriander, Harley Brown Equestrian, Inc. – 1 – 79.93

7) Katie Laurie (AUS) & Cera Caruso: 2008 AWHA gelding by Casall x Capone, Carissa McCall – 4 – 66.83

8) Savannah Jenkins (USA) & Casallantum: 2012 HOLST gelding by Casall x Quantum, Lavender Creek – 4 – 69.19

9. Kyle King (USA) & Odysseus: 2011 AHHA gelding by Osilvis x Riverman, Patricia Vasey – 4 – 69.47

10) Kate Hovland (USA) & Cruz: 2009 BWP gelding by Volstrups Casillas x Lorentin, Kate Hovland – 4 – 70.86

11) Chandler Meadows (USA) & Casiano: 2014 Anglo European gelding by Casino Berlin x Iroko, Chandler Meadows – 4 – 71.65

12) Kaitlin Campbell (USA) & Mantua LS La Silla: 2012 SLS mare by Manzanillo LS x Risueno, SWS Training & Sales – 4 – 71.85

Source: Press Release by Tori Bilas for Desert International Horse Park (DIHP)

Photos: © DIHP / HD – High Desert Photo / TB – Tori Bilas Photography / MG / ON