King of a Sweet Moroccan Night! Olivier Perreau Powers to First in €25,500 Maroc Telecom Winning Round CSIO 4*-W

Rabat, Morocco – October 15, 2022 – It was a beautiful evening with this very pleasant €25,500 Winning Round CSIO 4*-W under the colours of Maroc Telecom… and to the sound of the Mediterranean crickets. It was a great evening especially for the Frenchman Olivier Perreau (FRA) and Brésil de Carnaval who came back from very far to finish as the big winner of this €25,500 Maroc Telecom Winning Round CSIO 4*-W.

This Winning Round is not a speed event as such, but it was crucial to go fast to reach the victory. And it was a question of being fast from the first round, where the time allowed was calculated as tight as possible. This time limit obliged the riders to put their foot on the gas, with the risk of incurring faults at the obstacles. And those who opted to ensure and maintain a clear round could be penalised on time. This was the case for the vice-world champion Jérôme Guery (BEL), author of a magnificent round without a single pole down with Kannabis van de Bucxtale, but punished with 4 penalty-points for time overrun by the “real” 4 penalty-points (on the fences) and thus excluded from the final. And of the ‘real’ clear rounds, there were only three, plus three other clear rounds at 1 and 2 time penalties, so the second round was going to be open to the four fastest 4-pointers.

Olivier Perreau (FRA) & Bresil de Carnaval

In the end, the Perreau and the 2011 chestnut Selle Français gelding (Mylord Carthago*HN x Rosire) powered to first place, being clean when it mattered the most, completing their winning round performance in 46.77 seconds.

One of the most consistent riders of the tour so far, Niklaus Schurtenberger (SUI) and C-Steffra (Clarimo x Lavall I) also had a pole down for a score of four penalty-points in the first round but improved their score to zero while registering a time of 47.81 seconds for reserve honors.

In fact, all the top-three combinations at the end of the 1.45m contest had the same score in the first round. Niels Kersten (NED) and Grieg S (Indoctro x Kenwood) were not only fast enough to qualify for the decisive round, but also managed a final time of 47.95 seconds, a mark that ended up earning them bronze honors.

Olivier Perreau (FRA) & Bresil de Carnaval

And it is not Olivier Perreau (FRA) who will complain about the particularity of this regulation, he who had finished his initial round with 4 penalty-points on the scoreboard: “Indeed, these rules gave me an advantage. And I am especially happy for my horse who jumped very well, he is jumping very well at the moment. The course of the first round was tricky, I started in second position, but I am lucky to have a naturally fast horse which allowed me to arrive in time, whereas many other riders were hampered by this time. But I like this system”. The Frenchman, beaming this evening, is generally happy on the arenas of the Morocco Royal Tour: “It’s a circuit I love, it’s the third time I’ve taken part in it and I’m particularly pleased to win here”. Sponsored by GL Events, organizer of the World Cup stage in Lyon, Olivier and his cavalry will have to go back home to prepare for this event and will not be in El Jadida: “but I would have stayed”!

But before going back to France, he still has a mission to accomplish in Morocco because tomorrow, Olivier Perreau will be the opener of the French team riding GL Events Dorai d’Aguilly for the Nations Cup. This one will start at 2.30 pm on this amazing arena in Rabat and ten teams will be at the start.

Final Results – €25,500 Maroc Telecom Winning Round CSIO 4*-W

1) Olivier Perreau (FRA) & Bresil de Carnaval – 4 / 0 – 46.77

2) Niklaus Schurtenberger (SUI) & C-Steffra – 0 / 0 – 47.81

3) Niels Kersten (NED) & Grieg S – 4 / 0 – 47.95

Source: Press Release (edited) by Pascal Renauldon / Agence R&B Presse for Morocco Royal Tour

Photos: © Morocco Royal Tour / Stefano Grasso