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Back-to-Back! Martin Fuchs Teams up with Leone Jei to Win the €500,000 Rolex Grand Prix of Dinard CSI 5* Again

Dinard, France – July 31, 2022 – The last day of competition at the Jumping International de Dinard, in Val Porée stadium, took place this Sunday, with three major events held exclusively on the grassy field: the Grand Prix of the CSI 3*, CSI 1* and CSI 5*. This last event of the one hundred and tenth edition of the Jumping International de Dinard CSI 5* & CSI 3*, with Rolex and the City of Dinard colors crowning once again the Swiss Martin Fuchs (SUI), who had already won this class last year, in front of a full grandstands and a delighted public.

The €500,000 Rolex Grand Prix of Dinard CSI 5* closed these four days of competition. Forty-two riders took to the course, also designed by Jean-François Morand (FRA). The latter did not spar his the participants! Only five combinations managed to complete the course without penalties.

The first, to the cheers of the Dinard public, was the winner of Friday’s event, Julien Epaillard (FRA) and his Gracieux du Pachis. The Irishman Bertram Allen (IRL) also obtained his ticket, as did the Belgian Nicola Philippaerts a few numbers later. Juliette Faligot (FRA) also performed very well, completing a superb course with her sparkling grey Arqana de Riverland. Finally, the world number one, the Swiss Martin Fuchs (SUI), associated with his Leone Jei, a European champion couple, also invited himself to the no-fault ball, for a jump-off that promised to be breathtaking.

And that is an understatement! First to start this final on the clock, Julien Epaillard (FRA) took a great option and signed a new clear round with a time of 41.46 seconds. Bertram Allen (IRL) and Nicola Philippaerts finished respectively with four and eight penalty-points. Juliette Faligot (FRA), trying to complete the clear round a little more calmly, left the course with four penalty-points.

Martin Fuchs (SUI) & Leonie Jei

This left the world number one to go… A few days before the World Championships in Herning, it was legitimate to ask oneself a question: was he going to prepare this event calmly or was he going to go all out for the win? In the mind of a competitor like Martin Fuchs (SUI), the choice was probably made quickly. Leading the impressive Leone Jei on the vast grass track and exploiting his ample gallop, the Swiss rider managed to improve on Julien Epaillard’s time and thus win the €500,000 Rolex Grand Prix de Dinard CSI 5* for the second time. His last victory came last year when he rode Conner 70.

Martin Fuchs (SUI) & Leonie Jei

Winner’s Circle:

Martin Fuchs (SUI): “Going into the jump-off, I told myself I was in Dinard and I was going to play the game there, without thinking too much about the world championships. I love grass tracks and Dinard is one of my five favourite competitions, the crowd is really great. Running on a grass track allows you to put yourself in a difficult situation, because the horse has to do gymnastic work, with the climbs and descents. I really like these tracks and I have chosen this season to run a lot on grass, it is great for improving riders and horses.

Julien Epaillard (FRA): “Starting as number one in the jump-off is never easy, because you don’t have any information about the options. I was in front of Martin (Fuchs) in the middle of the course, but I lost time after the wall and at the end. I wanted to put pressure on the competitors. Today, the best rider won, quite simply. It was a good match. I rode Dinard for the first time when I was 18 and I still enjoy coming here.

Martin Fuchs (SUI) & Leonie Jei during the awards ceremony

Final Results – €500,000 Rolex Grand Prix de Dinard CSI 5*

1) Martin Fuchs (SUI) & Leonie Jei – 0 / 0 – 40.94

2) Julien Epaillard (FRA) & Gracieux du Pachis – 0 / 0 – 41.46

3) Bertram Allen (IRL) & Pacino Amiro – 0 / 4 – 44.66

Source: Press Release (edited) from Agence Consulis for Jumping International de Dinard

Photos: © Jumping International de Dinard / Sportfot