CSI 3*

Gonzalo Busca Roca & Classified Master the Course to Win the €40,000 Derby de Bretagne CSI 3* at Dinard

Dinard, France – July 30, 2022 – It was necessary to play elbows, this Saturday afternoon, to hope to obtain a place of choice to observe the spectacle offered by the Derby de Bretagne! In front of a packed stadium, the title contenders set off at 5PM on the long course of the traditional Derby which, as usual, kept all its promises in terms of spectacle!

Both fixed and mobile obstacles caused some difficulties for the riders, including the river in which some mounts, including that of local rider Mathieu Bourdon (Atina du Tertre), stepped. Second to start, Julien Gonin (FRA) and Cymba managed to leave the track with two penalties and a time of 164.50.

It wasn’t long before a fashionable course without penalties took shape: fifth at the start, the American Katherine A. Dinan (USA) signed a magnificent round with her agile Atika des Hauts Vents. The pair finished clear in 175.76 seoncds, and was immediately followed by Emeric George (FRA) and Dune du Ru (Vagabond de La Pomme x Apache d’Adriers), faster in 163.93 seconds.

While Nicolas Delmotte (FRA) and Denerys du Montceau suffered two faults, as did Mathieu Bourdon, the Swiss Steve Guerdat (SUI) and Double Jeu D’Honvault (Kannan x Cook du Midour), twelfth to start, also found the keys to this impressive course. But he was slower than the French pair and took second place in the provisional ranking, ahead of Katherine A. Dinan.

Gonzalo Busca Roca (ESP) & Classified

Margaux Rocuet (FRA) aboard Dora du Valon, winner of the 2019 Derby and penultimate rider to start, had two faults… The victory thus seems to have been claimed by Emeric George (FRA), while there was one combination left in the running, the Spaniard Gonzalo Busca Roca (ESP) and Classified. And in sport, if the match is not over, nothing is decided in advance. In a sustained gallop, the thirty-nine-year-old rider rode a clean course with the 2013 bay Irish Sport Horse gelding (Je T’Aime Flamenco – Larissa II), at the controls of his gelding… to finally sign a clear round, with more than three seconds of advance on Emeric George! The victory in this 2022 edition of the Derby de Bretagne is therefore Spanish.

Gonzalo Busca Roca (ESP) & Classified

Winner’s Circle

Gonzalo Busca Roca (ESP): It’s the first time I came to Dinard, the place and the public are incredible. My horse didn’t have any specific preparation, as I wasn’t expected to ride in the Derby. I just showed him the ford last night in the warmup. He’s an Irish horse, very brave. And I’m delighted with this win. I’m a year-round resident of Florida, in Wellington, and we spend the summer in Europe competing. We return to the US in September.

Emeric George (FRA): “In Dinard, everything comes together for a great show, and I tick off this date every year. I have been touring eventing for three seasons and that has helped me for this event. I think riders need to put fewer barriers in their way and really compete in these events, which are great events.

Steve Guerdat (SUI): The Derby is an event that I love because it is deeply linked to the history of equestrian sports. It’s a shame to see only fourteen riders taking part in such an event. Jumping over fixed obstacles is a natural thing to do, I do it a lot at home because I feel the horses enjoy it, probably more than jumping gymnastic lines in a sand arena! Double Jeu is a horse who is afraid of his own shadow. By taking him on in this Derby, I wanted to build his confidence, give him experience to make him a better horse for the future.

Gonzalo Busca Roca (ESP) & Classified during the awards ceremony

Final Results – €40,000 Derby de Bretagne CSI 3*

1) Gonzalo Busca Roca (ESP) & Classified – 0 – 160.49

2) Emeric George (FRA) & Dune du Ru – 0 – 163.93

3) Steve Guerdat (SUI) & Double Jeu d’Honvault – 0 – 167.46

Source: Press Release (edited) from Agence Consulis for Jumping International de Dinard

Photos: © Jumping International de Dinard / Sportfot