Kady Abrahamson & Maraca LS La Silla are the Masters in $30,000 WEC Grand Prix at Wilmington

Wilmington, Ohio, USA – June 04, 2022 – Wilmington set the backdrop for yet another afternoon of thrilling equestrian sport. Top-performing exhibitors turned up the heat during the $30,000 Grand Prix 1.45m over renowned course designer Bobby Murphy’s (USA) testing tracks. 

During the first leg of the $30,000 Grand Prix, completing a zero-fault first round quickly became a tricky feat for most riders. Just three of the twenty-two entries advanced into the second round, making for a quick jump-off.

The crowd cheered as Kady Abrahamson expertly piloted Maraca LS La Silla (Quintero La Silla x Marimba La Silla) through two clear rounds, ultimately riding away with the $30,000 WEC Grand Prix win.

“We came back after retiring at fence two last week. She just wasn’t feeling it and I didn’t want to push her. She gave me her all coming back this week and I stayed out of her way. She’s so fast in the air and I think that gave us the advantage.” mentioned Kady when asked about her winning ride. 

Kady Abrahamson (USA) & Maraca LS La Silla

Abrahamson skillfully rode the 15-year-old Mexican Sport Horse conservatively during the first round, ensuring to leave all rails up and stopping the clock at 77.813 seconds. 

Abrahamson rode with a similar approach in the jump-off and was sure to remain soft and quiet throughout the course. Kady’s diligent efforts and smart riding was rewarded as the pair crossed the finish line at 39.414 seconds to secure the big win. 

Darby Pease (USA) & Cumbaya W

Second place honors went to Darby Pease (USA) of Windcrest Farm in Lexington, Kentucky, and Cumbaya W (Cabardino x Elena W). The speedy duo returned tonight after winning Thursday’s $10,000 Welcome Stake, hoping to receive a similar fate. Finishing the course only a tick under the winning time, they clocked in at 71.954 seconds during round one and 40.065 seconds in the jump-off.

Sam Berry (USA) & Jarocco Blue

Rounding out the top three were Sam Berry (USA) and Jarocco Blue. The pair delivered a flawless performance during round one, stopping the timers at 76.761. Later returning to tackle the short course, Berry and the gray Dutch Warmblood galloped to compete the course in 40.189 seconds, but received an unfortunate 8-fault penalty for fallen rails.

Final Results – $30,000 WEC Grand Prix

1) Kady Abrahamson (USA) & Maraca LS La Silla – 0 | 0 – 39.414

2) Darby Pease (USA) & Cumbaya W – 0 | 0 – 40.065

3) Sam Berry (USA) & Jarocco Blue – 0 | 8 – 40.189

4) Kady Abrahamson (USA) & Banco Du Moulin – 4 – 68.157

5) Jack H. Towell (USA) & Florida N – 4 – 68.452

6) Max Mandel (USA) & Goldfever – 4 – 70.629

7) Natalie Thornell (USA) & Snow White – 4 – 72.437

8) Sam Berry (USA) & Harmonie L – 4 – 72.624

9) Kady Abrahamson (USA) & Emerald City – 4 – 75.667

10) Loic Cannaert (USA) & G–Star – 4 – 76.535

Source: Press Release from WEC – World Equestrian Center

Photos: © WEC / Winslow Photography

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