The Collection, a Third Edition More Impressive than Ever! 

Ibianca del Maset (Indret del Maset x Corland)

The Collection made a name for itself in 2020 as the first major online auction to be held in the  midst of a global pandemic. While things have moved in the right direction in terms of covid, the  desire to remain an exceptional auction has only become stronger.

The Collection’s team,  Milestone Farm (Carlos Pinto and his wife, Willemijn Poels) in association with ST Stables (Steve  Tinti) have 20 years of expertise on one side and over 15 years on the other in the horse trade. It  is an understatement to say that they have a great deal of skill in putting together a catalogue that  meets the demands of the market. And even though the bar was set high with the quality of the  first two editions, the team managed to put together a new collection that was even more  impressive for the quality of the products presented. 

Corlino PS (Cornet Obolensky x Conthargos)

“The Collection is an exceptional auction. This year we are once again presenting products for the  great sport, that’s for sure. “says a very enthusiastic Carlos Pinto. To name but a few, products  such as Corlino PS (Cornet Obolensky x Conthargos), a 6-year-old gelding, son of the grand prix  mare Celine who jumped 1m60 classes under the saddle of Karen Polle (JPN).

Ponolette (Quint van het Maarlo x Lys de Darmen x Darco)

The 7-year-old mare  Ponolette (Quint van het Maarlo x Lys de Darmen x Darco), who already has more than 30 FEI  international courses, will be in the catalogue. These horses are sure to be a success at this sale.  And we could talk about the 14 other horses presented in the same way. A complete and high  level catalogue of 16 horses, many of which have already shown their qualities on the international  circuit or on the young horse circuit. 

“The Collection has never been so aptly named, it really is THE collection,” says Steve Tinti. “It’s all about details, results and talent. With an impressive catalogue of 16 young Grand Prix  hopefuls, internationally renowned horses and hunters, we have again exceeded the high  standards we set in the first editions of The Collection! “The two men behind The Collection are  confident. 

Kannatol City PS (Kannatol x Glocks London) great hunter prospect with balance, technique & perfect changes

The presence of hunters is also an unavoidable feature of The Collection and has been since its  inception. Willemijn Poels has also set the bar high in this respect. 

“The hunters presented in the first editions of The Collection have proven themselves on the  competition field with top performances. The hunters selected for the 2022 edition are incredible  and are sure to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors,” says Willemijn Poels

The Collection Auction is not just an online auction. “In addition to the horses in the catalogue, the  idea is to offer an outstanding service by organising, for example, the transport of the purchased  horses to their new stables on request,” adds Carlos Pinto.  

“We want buyers to be able to make their choice in complete confidence and to do this, we offer  them the best guarantees on the horses presented with, for example, X-rays and veterinary  reports that can be consulted in complete transparency, 

But there is also the charity aspect of The Collection which is particularly close to the organisers’  hearts. 

“This is also the DNA of The Collection and the choice of UNICEF (editor’s note: The Collection  had already collaborated with them) for the Ukraine was an obvious choice in the current  context,” explains Willemijn Poels

The Collection will therefore donate €10 per auction to the international organisation to help  Ukrainian children.  

Ibianca del Maset (Indret del Maset x Corland)

Visit The Collection website ( to see all these amazing horses. Full  videos, bloodlines and veterinary reports. 

Joining The Collection as a buyer is simple, just register in advance on the website. On the  website you can also find all the guidelines and help to ensure the best possible experience at  The Collection Auction. 

The 3rd edition of The Collection takes you one step closer to your dreams. 

The Collection Auction from 27 to 29 of May, 2022.

The Collection Team Steve Tinti, Willemijn Poels and Carlos Pinto


Carlos Pinto: +31 6 18 20 66 11,  

Willemijn Poels : +32 6 232 27 595,  

Steve Tinti: +32 0 483 71 60 27

Source: Press Release from The Collection

Photos: © The Collection