Abracadabra, Bracadabra! Mégane Moissonnier Performs the Winning “Trick” in the €60,000 Hubside.Store Grand Prix CSI 3*

Windsor, England – May 15, 2022 – Along the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, legends are written with a doubled initial. The Hubside Jumping de Grimaud contributed to the continuation of a destiny, sport that everyone announces is exceptional, that of a young 24-year-old rider to whom everything has been successful for several months. Remember this name, remember this double M, that of Mégane Moissonnier (FRA), who won the 60,000 Hubside.Store Grand Prix CSI 3*, presented by Indexia, after just an amazing week!

For this fourth week of competition at the Haras des Grillons, at the Hubside Jumping Grimaud-Golfe de Saint-Tropez, the course designer Cédric Longis (FRA) had set up a Grand Prix course that required riders to think more than forcing the horses.

For this CSI 3*, it must be said that designer had to deal with a heterogeneous field less and experienced horses, but also riders and mounts less accustomed to rubbing shoulders with the world elite of showjumping. However, everyone should have the same chance of winning on this glorious Sunday on the Coast of Azure. Bet won by Longis: out of twenty-six starters in the first leg, ten had qualified for the dam, including seasoned riders and horses and combinations only more experienced in national classes compared to those who have been racing in Grimaud for four seasons already.

While young ladies and women make up the very large base of equestrian sports, they are rarer at very high level, even though horse riding is one of the only mixed Olympic sports, along with sailing. This weekend however, enthusiasts had noticed that the Grand Prix could be won by a lady rider, who would thus become the third one to win the meeting Sunday of the Hubside Jumping, after the victories by Americans Laura Kraut (USA), in 2019, and Jessica Springsteen (USA) last year.

First to start, the icon Pénélope Leprévost (FRA), the current champion of France, 2016 Olympic champion with the French team, automatically set the bar very high, by posting the double clear, in a lightning tempo, at the controls of GFE Candy from Nantuel.

Frenchman Philippe Léoni (FRA), who three weeks earlier showed immense joy and surprise after sharing third place on the podium of the Master Pro of Fontainebleau with the Norman rider, did not manage to dethrone the queen of French riding, leaving the ring with four penalty points in the saddle on Uhlan Okkomut.

Third to set off, Alix Ragot (FRA) and Coldplay EJ managed to take pole position and then imposed the new time to beat.

Threatening the leading time, the Belgian Gudrun Patteet (BEL) on Sea Coast Enjoy Z was also clear, but slower than the rider from Center Val-de-Loire. The one whose name resounds like an equestrian sports anthology, Britain’s Ellen Whitaker (GBR) on Spacecake, topples a rod.

Mégane Moissonnier (FRA) & Bracadabra

Decidedly, this Grand Prix does not smile on foreign riders. Sixth to start, the Bressane Mégane Moissonnier (FRA), took the lead with Bracadabra. But behind her, formidable adversaries were still waiting for their turn. Like her compatriot Emeric George (FRA), on Calisco de Terlong, who were flawless… but slower ! The Mexican Jaime Azcarraga and Eye Catcher JB failed to dethrone after bringing down a pole onto the ground.

Victor Bettendorf (USA), riding on the strength of his victory a few hours earlier in the Grand Prix CSI 2*, would he duplicate the feat? He could have, in the saddle this time on Mr. Tac, perfect over the obstacles, but slower than the Rhonalpine. At this stage of the contest, it was close to the final result, victory was definitely French. But would it be feminine or signed by a male rider?

Aymeric de Ponnat (FRA) and Hoover provided the answer, leaving the arena with a score of four points. Mégane Moissonnier (FRA) had won, after an exceptional week at the Riviera. Emeric George (FRA) was second and Victor Bettendorf (LUX) third.

Mégane Moissonnier (FRA) & Bracadabra during the awards ceremony

Winner’s Circle – Mégane Moissonnier (FRA)

“It has been an extraordinary week, with all the horses that accompanied me on the Hubside Jumping Grimaud-Golfe de Saint-Tropez, explained the lucky winner, selected for the first time in the Official de France of La Baule last week. Everything went wonderfully well. Bracadabra was exceptional in this Hubside.Store Grand Prix CSI 3*, presented by Indexia. It’s a horse incredible, which has everything you could dream of in a horse: respect, blood, speed, means. He is easy to mount on; it is a pleasure to be his rider. In the jump-off, I had seen that Alix Ragot had done one less stride in the first two rows compared to the idea I had in mind. Nevertheless, I stuck to my original idea. I did my curves tight and galloped around corners where I could. do, hoping that would be enough. That was enough (smile)! When everything works out for us, when we find ourselves in a good streak as I am currently in, we move forward with a free spirit and that allows us to improve. I try to enjoy it and I especially hope that it will continue for a long time.”

Mégane Moissonnier (FRA) & Bracadabra

Sadri Fegaier (FRA) – Event Organizer & Competitor

“Personally, Mégane’s victory delights me,” commented Sadri Fegaier (FRA), founder of the Hubside Jumping, a rider who also smiled this week, with a victory in the CSI 1* at the reigns of Farrah W and had a second place with Garezzo in the CSI 3* 1.45 class, and penalized with only five penalty points in the Grand Prix 3*, associated with Cadeau de Muze.

“On behalf of all competition partners, Hubside, Indexia, Hubside.Store and Celside, I would like to warmly congratulate her. What she has been doing the past few months is exceptional and all the teams around me are particularly proud to have seen this young rider from the Rhône-Alpes grow, a region which is dear to us, and which has been faithful to the events of the Hubside Jumping since its launch four years ago. The experience that she has acquired during our Grimaud and Valence competitions is precious today, and I wish her a sporting destiny that commensurates with her talent, which I hope, will take her far, and why not all the way to the Olympic Games in Paris. The Hubside Jumping will continue to support her in the preparation for the biggest events, including that in 2024.

Mégane Moissonnier (FRA) & Bracadabra during the awards ceremony

Final Results – €60,000 Hubside.Store Grand Prix CSI 3*, presented by Indexia

1) Megane Moissonnier (FRA) & Bracadabra – 0 / 0 – 40.23

2) Emeric George (FRA) & Calisco de Terlong – 0 / 0 – 41.04

3) Victor Bettendorf (LUX) & Mr. Tac – 0 / 0 – 41.18

Source: Press Release (translated & edited) by Daniel Koroloff / Blizko Communication for the Hubside Jumping

Photos: © Hubside Jumping / Sportfot