Denis Lynch & Rubens LS La Silla Triumphant in the €40,000 Derby of La Baule CSIO 5*

La Baule, France – May 07, 2022 – Saturday is the Derby! The spectators know it and arrive early, hoping to find a place in the grandstand and wait impatiently for the opening of the course, since, as tradition dictates, the public is allowed to walk the course. This year, however, they had to leave the arena a little earlier than usual, because a surprise was reserved for the public. Indeed, at the initiative of the amateur rider François Tanguy, three military parachutists landed on the track of the François André stadium, in order to give the trophy of the Derby Région Pays de La Loire, to Isabelle Leroy, vice-president of the Region. Then, it was time for sport. Fourteen couples were on the start list of the 22 obstacles course designed by Frédéric Cottier (FRA).

Nicolas Delmotte (FRA) & Denery du Montceau

Second to enter the François André stadium arena with the promising Denerys du Montceau, the French rider Nicolas Delmotte (FRA) raised the enthusiasm of the public in La Baule with a magnificent clear round in 139.61 seconds, enough to put the pressure on the other competitors.

Mark McAuley (IRL) & Miebello

In particular on the Irishman, Mark McCauley (IRL) who was faster with Miebello, timed in 131.12 seconds, but with a fault at the fences.

Denis Lynch (IRL) & Rubens LS La Silla

The French couple seemed to be well on their way to win the competition, but they had to overlook Irish rider Denis Lynch (IRL), who had already won the event in 2012 with Night Train. Associated this time with Rubens LS La Silla, he not only managed a clear round but also showed himself to be faster, completing his impecable performance in 132.10 seconds. Denis Lynch (IRL) and Rubens LS La Silla are therefore the winners of the 2022 edition Derby Région Pay de La Loire, ahead of Nicolas Delmotte (FRA) and Denerys du Montceau while Mark McCauley (IRL) and Miebello completed the podium.

Denis Lynch (IRL) & Rubens LS La Silla parading victoriously

Pierre de Brissac, president of the Jumping international de La Baule – Officiel de France
I thank the riders for making the Officiel de France shine as they do so well. It is a daily work that we all do first for our faithful partners. In this respect, I would particularly like to thank the Region of Pays de la Loire. Let us not forget that the Region contributes to allow us to propose an event in free access. I insist on the free access to the most beautiful competition in France, it is really important.

Isabelle Leroy, vice-president of the Région des Pays de la Loire
Obviously the community is alongside its organizers, especially on this event to allow free access and we see that the fact of opening to the general public is a wealth. It’s just wonderful. And at the same time, it also allows riders to vibrate and exercise their talents in optimal conditions. The site is exceptional, the city is exceptional and finally the Region is also exceptional. We can only be delighted. We are very proud to be partners of this event, it is the largest event that the Region supports which also allows us to radiate throughout France and around the world.

Denis Lynch (IRL), winner with Rubens LS La Silla
I knew Mark had a horse that was very fast and my Irish teammates in general are good, so I had to prepare myself well. My horse and I know each other very well, we’ve done all kinds of competitions. And before La Baule, we trained in a small lake near my home. This Derby of La Baule was really a goal for me. Thanks also to my owners who have been with me for a very long time.

Nicolas Delmotte (FRA), 2nd with Denerys du Montceau
Last year I had Citadin in the Derby, he was 9 years old then and I wanted to give him experience. This year, I decided to put Denerys who is also 9 years old. I think that the Derby is really a beautiful class, very pleasant to ride, the course is superb. The track is great, the ground is really very good. We have really great conditions. And of course, as soon as you get in this arena with this public, it’s very motivating. We want to ride all the events! From the start I said that I was not fast enough. Anyway, congratulations to Denys, he really did a school course, it was really magnificent!

Mark McCauley (IRL), 3rd with Miebello
It’s true that for an 18 year old horse, it’s a very long course today, so we worked a lot during 2 months for this event. Today, he jumped very well. I think he deserved to win today. The atmosphere was really great. When you have an event like that with such a public, it’s really the best for the sport, it’s so nice for us! Bravo Denis, I am very happy for him. Of course, next year I hope to win!

Fréderic Cottier, course designer of the Derby Région des Pays de la Loire and sports director of the show
If out of 14 starters I have 6 clear rounds, the Derby will become a little too easy; here we had 2 clear rounds. The natural fences did their job. It’s up to us to attract a maximum number of riders, I think that 15 or so is pretty good. So I am delighted with the result and the comments of the riders. They were all happy and that’s important for us. Having 14 riders is a great success for us this year.

Final Results – €40,000 Derby Région Des Pays de La Loire CSIO 5*

1) Denis Lynch (IRL) & Rubens LS La Silla – 0 / 132.10

2) Nicolas Delmotte (FRA) & Denerys du Montceau – 0 / 139.61

3) Mark McAuley (IRL) & Miebello – 0 / 131.12

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Photo: © Jumping International de La Baule / PSV Photos