Meet the Next Generation: Questions & Answers with Jack Ryan

You have had a great start to the year, what are your hopes and ambitions for 2022?

I would like to keep the year going in the same way that it started! Hopefully, I will compete at a few more Nations Cup™ competitions and more Rolex Grand Slam Majors.

Which horses do you have here this weekend?

I just have BBS McGregor here. He is actually the only horse I have at the moment so hopefully he will perform well this weekend.

What is he like, can you tell us about his personality?

He has a great personality. Sometimes he can be a bit annoying as he always pokes your arm, but he is a very kind horse and lovely to have on the yard.

How does it feel to be here at The Dutch Masters?

It is fantastic! I would like to thank the Rolex Young Riders Academy and everyone who helped me get into the show. Everyone in the Rolex Young Riders Academy have helped me so much. Frank Kemperman, Eleonora Ottaviani, Emile Hendrix and the whole team have been so amazing to me!

Who has been your biggest inspiration throughout your career?

Marcus Ehning – he is one of the best in the world and is so amazing to watch. Last week when he won the Grand Prix in Doha, he made it look like it was a training round – he is incredible.

What is a typical day for you at home?

Recently, I moved to Jos Lansink’s stables to train there. That opportunity came about through the Rolex Young Riders Academy. Usually, I start at 07:30am and ride BBS McGregor, and the rest of the day I ride Jos’ horses. I have only been there a week, but I am riding so many different horses, it has been great and so nice to get to know the whole team.

Which riders to do you think you have learnt the most from?

I was with Shane Breen for two-years, and I learnt so much from him. I got to ride some amazing horses and go to some incredible shows. It was actually with help from him that I got into the Rolex Young Riders Academy – I have lot to thank him for. I have only been at Jos’ yard for a week, but I have already learnt so much in that week, it is very exciting opportunity.

How much do you focus on growing a social following?

I am not very good with social media – I need to get a bit better as it is important in our sport!

How do you balance your work and social life?

The horses are my main priority – they come first. But I do like to go out for dinner sometimes.

Source: Press Release from Rolex Grand Slam

Photo: ©Rolex Grand Slam / Peggy Schröder