CSI 3*

David Will Wins the Coca-Cola Trophy at the Sunshine Tour CSIO 3*

Vejer de La Frontera, Spain – October 30, 2021 – Besides the €52,300 Suzuki Grand Prix CSIO 3*, another important class over the weekend was the €25,400 Coca-Cola Trophy CSIO 3* on Saturday, which was valid as a Longines Ranking class. Eighty-two combinations took to the arena in this two-phase class and in the end, victory went to the German rider, David Will (GER).  David only arrived recently at the October Tour and with the wonderful Undercover Z, he rode a fast neat round to win the class.  This pair have been competing together for barely 3 months, yet this is the second time they have been on the podium in an international class. 

The class was held in one of the Geolastic arenas as the weather forecast predicted rain, yet almost none fell today and a great day of jumping was had by all.

Jackson Reed Stephenson (GBR) & Exception

The British rider Jackson Reed Stephenson (GBR) was riding the lovely Exception today and had a really great round, finishing in a well deserved second place. 

Hilary McNerney (USA) & Lovelight

The third spot on the podium was claimed by American rider Hilary McNerney (USA) with Lovelight.  These two arrived here at the Montenmedio showgound directly from the USA just last Monday, the 25th of this month, to take part in the Nations Cup team. 

Final Results – €25,400 Coca-Cola Prize CSIO 3*

1) David Will (GER) & Undercover Z – 0 / 27.74

2) Jackson Reed Stephenson (GBR) & Exception – 0 / 27.93

3) Hilary Mc Nerney (USA) & Lovelight  – 0 / 28.09

Source: Press Release from Sunshine Tour 

Photos: © Sunshine Tour / Moises Basallote Fotografia