CSI 2*

Benoit Cernin & Vitalhorse Cekanane de Ushara Excel in €25,400 Hubside Jump Off Challenge CSI 2*

Grimaud, France – October 15, 2021 – France’s Benoit Cernin (FRA)was certainly the star of the day at the Hubside Jumping CSI 5* & 2*. Before going on to win the €65,000 Hubside Jump-Off Challenge CSI 5*, the Frenchman also claimed top honors in the €25,400 Hubside Jump Off Challenge CSI 2*.

Riding Vitalhorse Cekanane de Ushara, a mare who’s only 9 years old (Kannan x Quaprice Boimargot Quincy), had already emerged victorious in the CSI 2* big class. Out of 52 starters, 13 went through to the jump-off. Third to start in this 2nd stage of the class, the young Eden Leprevost Blin-Lebreton (FRA) who set the tone and temporarily held the lead… until the last competitor, Benoit Cernin (FRA), snatched victory from her by 2”6s.

It was 100% French podium as Eden Leprévost Blinlebreton (FRA) finished in 2nd place with Une Étoile Landaise (Balougran x Socrate de Chivre), registering no penalties and a jump-off time of 42.24 seconds while Nicolas Delmotte (FRA) and Denerys du Montceau ( l’Arc de Triomphe*Bois Margot x Rox de La Touche) rounded out the top three in 43.12 seconds.

“Cekanane has a completely over the top willingness in the ring”, said the Frenchman. “She always wants to win and go fast, but she can be complicated to channel and then have a fence down. Indeed, just last week we had the last fence down when we had the best time. Today is a little bit of a revenge! Even if Eden (Leprévost Blin-lebreton) wasn’t easy to dislodge from the top slot, I knew that by tightening the turns a little combined with the speed of my mare, it was feasible”.  

Final Results – €25,400 Hubside Jump Off Challenge CSI 2*

1) Benoit Cernin (FRA) & Vitalhorse Cekanane de Ushara – 0 / 0 – 39.6

2) Eden Leprevost Blinlebreton (FRA) & Une Etoile Landaise – 0 / 0 – 42.24

3) Nicolas Delmotte (FRA) & Denerys du Montceau – 0 / 0 – 43.12

Source: Press Release by Juliette Gorin / Aliénor de La Rochefoucauld / Anchor Equitation for Hubside Jumping Grimaud

Photo: © Sportfot