Hamburg Giants Lose One of their Star Strikes as Rodrigo Almeida Starts a ‘New Chapter’

Valkenswaard, The Netherlands – October 01, 2021 – Rodrigo Almeida (POR) will not feature in the 2022 Hamburg Giants lineup as he starts a new chapter to set up on his own. Previously working and riding for Margaretha Hoeve with Team Audi, Eric Berkhof has given Almeida fantastic opportunities during the 2021 season riding at the highest 5* level and a frequent face on the Longines Global Champions Tour and GCL circuit. 

The Hamburg Giants have announced that Almeida will feature on the team one last time at the GC Prague Playoffs for the dramatic GCL Super Cup in November. As a key member of the team this season producing multiple clear and four-fault rounds to help the team secure vital points Almeida will be crucial to their success at Prague.

Almeida explained: “It’s time for a new chapter. After a great time with a lot of new opportunities and experiences at the Margaretha Hoeve with Team Audi I will from now on start to work for myself. I want to thank Eric Berkhof for all the opportunities he gave me at the 5* Level and LGCT. Having a great team of horses to represent my country at the international level, develop and build up young horses till the top level will be from now on my main goal. Looking forward to starting this new step in my life.”

Source: Press Release from LGCT – Longines Global Champions Tour

Photo: © GCL / Stefano Grasso