CSI 5*

Gregory Cottard & Cocaine du Val Claim the Gold in €30,000 Hubside Store Speed Challenge CSI 5*

Valence, France – August 21, 2021 – At the end of the day, the discipline’s leaders competed in the main CSI 5* class of the day of the CSI 5 *, a speed class at 1.50m. It was not only necessary to avoid the pitfalls of the course set up by the course designer Cédric Longis (FRA), but also to go quickly. The penultimate ones to start, Frenchman Grégory Cottard (FRA) got everyone to agree with his breathtaking Cocaine du Val.

It was in front of a packed and generous grandstand that the twenty-three contenders set off on the track of the Hubside Jumping de Valence in pursuit victory. First on the starting line, Alexa Ferrer (FRA) set the pace, setting off a clear run from the start in 65’49. The tone was set. It didn’t take long for the young Brit Jack Whitaker (GBR), in the saddle on Elucar VE, to find the keys to a faster time, lowering the mark to 61’70… New time to beat…

Gregory Cottard (FRA) & Cocaine du Val

The triple in number 6 and the double in number 8 were expensive for more than a seasoned combination on the course. Impeccable on the bars, the Irishman Bertram Allen (IRL) with FTS Killossery Konfusion (3rd), the French Mégane Moissonnier (FRA) on Aramusse (5th) or the Italian Emanuele Camilli on Chaccrouet (4th) were not fast enough to take the lead. The contest continued and spectators had to wait until the performance by Grégory Cottard (FRA) to witness the winners, the penultimate pair to start in the event, In the saddle on the beautiful grey Cocaine du Val, the Frenchman was able to be faster with a very smooth run, timed in 61.49 seconds. A great victory by the Frenchman, selected to defend French squad at the upcoming FEI Jumping European Championships, scheduled for the beginning of September.

Gregory Cottard (FRA) & Cocaine du Val

Winner’s Circle – Gregory Cottard (FRA)

“Cocaine du Val is nine years old. I got her back at the end of last year. She was jumping at the 1.35m level. This year, I took her to the next level as she has already competed in Grands Prix at 1.55m and 1.60m. I might have had a few small issues at the jump-off previously, so I just wanted to get her into a jump-off pace today, and she really responded. Tomorrow, she will take part in the 5 * CSI 5 * jump-off class. Then, my idea is to go to the CSI 5 * of the Hubside Jumping Grimaud-Golfe de Saint-Tropez and start riding het in 5* Grands Prix. This is my second time here, at the Hubside Jumping de Valence. I was at CSI 4* event two years ago. It’s really cool and it feels good to meet up with the public. Regarding Bibici, also present, I am doing my preparation here at the Hubside Jumping de Valence, before heading to the European Championships. She has already competed on the grass at Dinard and La Baule, where she behaved very well. I will ride her tomorrow in the Hubside Grand Prix CSI 5 * at 1.60m.”

Final Results – €30,000 Hubside Store Speed Challenge CSI 5*

1) Gregory Cottard (FRA) & Cocaine du Val – 0 – 61.49

2) Jack Whitaker (GBR) & Eluca V.E. – 0 – 61.70

3) Bertram Allen (IRL) & FTS Killossery Konfusion – 0 – 62.24

Source: Press Release by Daniel Koroloff / Blizko Cummunication for Hubside Jumping de Valence

Photos: © Hubside Jumping / Sportfot