Artemis Horse Match Set to Revolutionize Horse Sales Industry

Nick Bourdon is not an equestrian. He is not a rider, groom, manager, or anything else related to the sport. When he heard the complaints from many of his equestrian friends about the inefficiency in the equine world, he brought his problem solving skills and ability to create a simple but effective effective software to build Artemis Horse Match

Artemis is a first of its kind email match-making service for buying and selling horses of various disciplines. Think of your favorite dating app, but way more specific. Looking for a tall, dark, and handsome hunter? Coming right up. 

Sellers accessing the marketplace list their horses free of charge with detailed criteria down to age and while buyers are asked to fill out a form listing all necessary attributes. Listed horses that then match the buyer’s requirements are emailed to the private inbox of the client with attached information to contact the seller directly.

“I live in South Florida, so many of my friends are hunter/jumper riders,” explained Bourdon. “I have heard so many stories about horrible horse shopping experiences and I just knew there had to be a better way.” 

The days of scrolling through thousands of Facebook responses are over. Artemis’ software algorithm radically saves hours of time for buyers by applying filters that will deliver only horses within their set scope and budget. Sellers no longer have to shell out hundreds of dollars in listing services and filter through casual shoppers. Artemis identifies a potential match and automatically sends an email outlining the horse’s photo, video link, ID, characteristics, and contact button.

The end result? Priceless time and money saved by both buyer and seller.

Artemis also delivers a shortlist of professional equine photographers in each email sent. 

“It’s a great way to provide value for clients, the horse, and our photographers.”

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Source: Press Release from Artemis Horse Match

Photo: © Artemis Horse Match