Alamo – The Black Beauty: The Story of a World Champion!

It is said that a good rider must always be in balance with his horse; that is where the art of horsemanship mainly resides, where the beauty and elegance of that sport endures. Equestrian principles also state that a lot of knowledge is required to train a horse. Steve Guerdat (SUI) knows it, for that reason, Alamo, was next to his inseparable name, after rough and tenacious training sessions, that afternoon in early April of 2019, in the presence of thousands of vibrant spectators gathered at the Scandinavian arena along the Swedish coast, in the city of Gothenburg, he felt confident and prepared to achieve a great goal: his long-awaited Longines FEI Jumping World Cup Final victory; an achievement that placed him as number equestrian in the jumping world ranking for more than one year.

Steve Guerdat (SUI) & Alamo jumping towards victory in the

Steve Guerdat (SUI), also winner of the Individual Jumping Gold Medal at the 2012 Olympic Games, is not only famous in European lands; he is also well known in Latin America for his effectiveness in the arena; and Mexico is a place that he is fond of, a place that gave him the opportunity to write one of the most brilliant pages of his professional career, something that he will always appreciate. “I love their culture, and I love their great riders and passion for my sport. In fact, I have a magnificent hose that belongs to a Mexican, his name is Alamo and his owner is Gerardo Pasquel Mendez,” the Swiss stated to WatchesWorld two years ago.

Gerardo Pasquel Mendez (MEX) – Photo: © Anwar Esquivel

Gerardo Pasquel is someone who has always had a life dedicated to horses, completely giving himself to his passion. At forty years of age, he has participated in equestrian competitions since he was a child; and together with his older brothers, he has travelled a path of sacrifice, improvement and work that now bears fruits on the most emblematic tracks in Mexico and around the world. There is no doubt that Gerardo Pasquel Mendez has been eager for a long time to make this sport stand out; He has organized competitions and has supported young riders, in addition to participating in competitions abroad with his horses and has allied himself with experienced international riders, such as the great Steve Guerdat. The story between the Swiss, Gerardo Pasquel and the horse Alamo, begins several years ago at Rancho El Sabino, owned by the Pasquel family and located in the State of Mexico. There, owner of a powerful figure, the magnificent retinto, a four-year-old foal raised in the Netherlands, quickly showed his talent and all his potential to his new owner. Then, after testing Alamo several occasions in the national circuit, Gerardo Pasquel was full of vision and anxiety. He decided that the future of his beautiful steed was elsewhere, specifically in the old continent, exuding class and category by the side of a legendary horseman with an impressive résume. “Alamo, the black beauty with electrifying leaps, will remain in the memory of European spectators,” a phrase that kept ringing in Pasquel Mendez’s mind.

Gerardo Pasquel Mendez (MEX) – Photo: © Anwar Esquivel

That is how, in October of 2017, Guerdat (SUI) and Alamo made their debut in top-level competitions, starting to cause a sensation among the spectators. With lightness and elegance combined, constant and courageous until the last breath, they reap several important triumphs, including the Grand Prix, The Nations Cup, the Rolex Top Ten, and the World Cup. Those brilliant victories also belong to Gerardo Pasquel (MEX), since his boldness prompted them to be there, all three, at the top of horsemanship. For this reason, moved by emotions, that April of 2019 in Sweden, Pasquel Mendez enjoyed together with his family the maximum triumph of his beloved horse.

Sérgio Álvarez Moya (ESP) & Alamo – Photo: © LGCT / Stefano Grasso

Today, Alamo at thirteen years old, has changed owners. The new owners are the renowned Spanish rider Sergio Álvarez Moya (ESP) and the former captain of Real Madrid, one of the most famous soccer players in the world, Sergio Ramos.

Despite their recent partnership, Sergio Álvarez Moya (ESP) and Alamo were back in the winner’s circle just two weeks ago, claiming top honors in the €300,000 Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Berlin CSI 5*. Alamo will surely continue to give them many joys. Long live the black beauty!

Source: Press Release by Humberto Pacheco / Nigromante for Gerardo Pasquel M

Photos: © Anwar Esquivel / FEI / Massimo Argeziano / LGCT / Stefano Grasso