Aleš Opatrný & Gentlemen vh Veldhof Victorious in €30,000 CPI Property Group Grand Prix CSI 2*-W at Prague

Prague, Czech Republic – May 02, 2021 – Czech fans could not wish for a better conclusion of international of the CSI2 *- W at Prague Arena. After nine other combinations, Aleš Opatrný (CZE) and Gentlemen vh Veldhof won the CPI Property Group Grand Prix CSI 2*-W, valid for the World Cup. A total of 40 qualified riders stood at the start of the hardest CSI 2* class on Sunday.

In the first round, many riders had trouble with the double jump, which was on the distance with the triple bar. The final round consisting of three jumps also cause problems, the first one was the dreaded obstacle in the design of the Czech flag. Among other things, two Czech representatives Ondřej Zvára (CZE) and Emma Augier de Moussac (CZE) lost their hopes for flawless performance. The course was also quite long and some combinations could have reached the end of their strength.

Aleš Opatrný (CZE) & Gentlemen vh Veldhof

The Grand Prix, which was part of the World Cup of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) series, was run on a course with obstacles up to 160 centimeters and immediately nine pairs dealt with it without having any penalty points attributed to them. Among them was one Czech representative – Aleš Opatrný (CZE). The gelding Gentlemen vh Veldhof sat on the course and feared mainly two very fast Polish representatives before the start of the opening. Finally, it was the Czech representative who left the rest of the starting field in the dust. In the jump-off, they crossed the finish line in 35.58 seconds and left the rest of the opponents more than a second behind.

Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski (POL) & Jerico

However, he was not wrong about the Polish riders being among the best. Their team came to Prague in very good shape. After many victories in the preliminary classes, two Polish representatives arrived for second and third place in the main competition. The second fastest in the finish was with a time of 37,11 seconds Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski (POL), who saddled the stallion Jerico.

Krzysztof Ludwiczak (POL) & Niko

Krzysztof Ludwiczak (POL) climbed to the stage for the third position. He introduced himself with the stud Niko and finished the cracking in time 37.97 seconds.

Podium: 2) Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski 1) Aleš Opatrný (CZE) 3) Krzysztof Ludwiczak

Winner’s Circle – Aleš Opatrný (CZE)

′′I guessed six to seven clean performances, but the time was quite fair today, so we didn’t have to hurry and there were also more better riders and horses at the end of the starting field. Sometimes it works out like this, anyway the course designer did a great job, since there were nine clean out of forty starters and then ten with one mistake. This is the wish of every designer” said Aleš Opatrný. ′′ Certainly the most demanding passage was at the end of the course, from the Czech flag to the finish line,” Opatrn ný added.

Chuchle Arena Prague will not stay empty for long. From 5. to 9. May there will be another important parkure meeting of the CSIO 3* CET Prague Cup, which has two sports peaks – Friday’s Cup of Nations and Sunday Grand Prix.

Final Results – €30,000 CPI Property Group Grand Prix CSI 2*-W

1) Aleš Opatrný (CZE) & Gentlemen vh Veldhof – 0 / 0 – 35.58

2) Jaroslaw Skrzyczynski (POL) & Jerico – 0 / 0 – 37.11

3) Krzysztof Ludwiczak (POL) & Niko – 0 / 0 – 37.97

Source: Press Release from Chuchle Arena – Prague

Photos: © Kateřina Návojová