Riders & Horses for the Desert Circuit Grand Finale CSI 4* at Thermal

Thermal, California, USA – March 17, 2021 – The 2021 edition of the Desert Circuit is coming to an end and they have saved the best for last during the eighth and final week of competition at the Desert International Horse Park. It’s time for horse owners and riders to shake off the dust from the desert and put their four-legged beasts to the test, a true display of horsepower in pursuit of gold and glory, culminating with the $250,000 Grand Prix CSI 4* next Sunday.

The list of riders & horses for the CSI 4* class there this week is the following:


1) Katie LaurieDjango IIConcalesCasebrooke Lomond


2) Ali RamsayLutzBonita Vh Keizershof Z

3) Ben AsselinThe FreshmanQuality HLuikan Q

4) Beth UnderhillCount Me In

5) Brian MortonCrusador Z

6) Darrin DlinBuddy Bounce

7) Jaclyn DuffCamilla M 4

8) Lisa CarlsenLivestream 2

9) Tracey EppChicago


10) Matias Fernandez CuevasNew York 18Lucas Van De Hellevoort


11) Eric NavetCadillac Jack


12) Shota OgomoriSig Iron ManSig Hawkeye


13) Uma O’NeillSanvanoClockwise Of Greenhill Z


14) Luis Sabino GonçalvesCamino Imperio EgipcioArgan De Beliard


15) Mark WatringLimbossini RC


16) Mariano MaggiQuintago Va


17) Chandler MeadowsChristy Jnr

18) Derek ChangChappie

19) Erin Davis-HeinekingLeonie

20) Francie NilforushanValentino ZFlorencio

21) Hayden ZadelTriskel De Kerliven

22) Jamie TaylorQuatar

23) Kaitlin CampbellPalina De L’escautDandy

24) Kasey AmentDexter R

25) Kyle KingMagic MIkeEnzo

26) Lindsay ArcherJarpur

27) Mandy PorterWT Leapfrog

28) Matt ArcherLuigi Vd Bisschop

29) Mavis SpencerRahmannshof’s BamiroCon CalleBelladonna 42

30) Misti CassarViking De LaumeMylord Cornet

31) Nicole HaunertConcolue

32) Nicole PetersonRamona De Flobecq

33) Richard SpoonerQuirado Rc

34) Sabine CooperCaillou

35) Shawn CasadyCaptain Jack

36) Simonne BergCooper

37) Stephanie GershonC’est Roberto

38) Susan ArtesLaurence ZCalifornia Sunshine

39) Tali DejongVaillant De Belle Vue

40) Vani KhoslaIncitatusAmerigo

41) Will SimpsonChacco P

42) Zume GallaherEditaCirus Du Ruisseau Z

Subject to changes due to late entries, withdrawals, etc…..

The list is a compilation of entries in the FEI system and confirmed entries on the Showgroundslive Entry System.

Sources: FEI – Fédération Equestre Internationale / Showgroundslive

Photos:  © ESI Photography