Remainder of Sunshine Tour Suspended Immediately

Vejer de La Frontera, Spain – March 05, 2021 – The organizers of the Sunshine Tour released a statement on Friday announcing that the two remaining days of the already shortened edition of the event had been suspended immediately due to due to second horse that had entered isolation with mild neurological symptoms similar to those infected with the Equine Herpes Virus EHV-1 (neurological form).

Their announcement states the following:

“A few minutes ago the Sunshine Tour office received notification from the FEI (Fédération Equestre International) that all competition must be suspended immediately.

Yesterday, after the demonstration of the first neurological symptoms of the mare in isolation the FEI, RFHE, Ministry of Agriculture and the Organising Committee of the  Sunshine Tour reached a consensual agreement that competition would continue until and including this Sunday the 7th March 2021, with the proviso, as long as the situation here did not change.

Today the Sunshine Tour received the results for the mare in isolation, of a second PCR test for the Herpes virus EHV-1 and EHV-4. These tests were taken yesterday the 4th of March 2021, from two blood samples (blood with heparin and blood with EDTA).  Both samples returned with negative results.

However today, a second horse has entered into isolation with mild neurological symptoms.

This new situation means that the FEI considers that the urgent cancellation of the rest of the competition is imperative.

We would like to thank all of you, for your patience and understanding, all the riders, owners, their teams, our sponsors and everyone else involved in the even.”

Source: Press release from the Sunshine Tour

Photo: © Sunshine Tour