USEF to Hold Live Interactive Conversations with its President-elect, Tom O’Mara & CEO Bill Moroney to Answer Members’ Questions

Lexington, Kentucky, USA – November 30, 2020 – The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) has released a statement (letter) announcing that it will hold a live interactive series, Competitions and Conversations, with USEF President-elect, Tom O’Mara and CEO, Bill Moroney to answer members’ questions and address their concerns.

Bill Moroney, the CEO of the entity released the following letter:

Dear USEF Members,

USEF has been reviewing the feedback received from our members since our announcement on November 11th of the withdrawal of two USEF events from the 12-week Ocala Winter Spectacular schedule published by the World Equestrian Center (WEC). We appreciate the many viewpoints and acknowledge there is work to be done. We understand our members’ desire to have more accessible, cost effective, and quality competition opportunities. We also have heard the many questions about the competition calendar, the mileage and mileage exemption rules, and their relevancy. In response, and to engage directly with members on future direction, we are taking the following actions:

We will host a live interactive series, Competitions and Conversations, with USEF President-elect, Tom O’Mara and CEO, Bill Moroney to answer questions. These one-hour sessions will include a brief ten-minute opening followed by Q&A from members. The specific topics for each session are:

  • Calendar Management
    December 8, 1:00 pm EST
  • Opportunities for All Levels
    January 11, 3:00 pm EST
  • Cost and Expectations
    January 25, 3:00 pm EST

Additionally, the USEF Competition Task Force will be expanded and take the lead on engaging directly with USEF members from key stakeholder groups such as amateurs, professionals, organizers, owners and officials to hear perspectives and ideas on important calendar management factors including competition standards, costs and access, competition viability, location, mileage and the mileage exemption process, concentration of dates, rating/level, prize money and points, rule compliance and more.

Finally, in order to gain comprehensive feedback from all members, a USEF Competitions Survey will be sent in the next few weeks. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey so the Competition Task Force has your valuable feedback.

Please reference the 2020/2021 Competitions FAQ and do not hesitate to contact our customer care department with questions at CustomerCare@usef.org or 859-258-2472.

We look forward to your participation in these events.

Best Regards,

William J. Moroney
Chief Executive Officer

Source: Press release by US Equestrian Communications Department for USEF / US Equestrian – United States Equestrian Federation

Photo: © US Equestrian / USEF – United States Equestrian Federation