CSI 5*

Steve Guerdat & Victorio des Frotards Victorious in €200,000 Hubside Grand Prix CSI 5*

2020. Hubside CSI 5 GP Steve Guerdat & Victorio des Frotards 2 HJ

Grimaud, France – July 05, 2020 – The event everybody was waiting for! The Hubside Jumping de Grimaud CSI 5*/4*/2* played host to the crème de la crème of international horses and riders for the first CSI 5* in the world since they started competing again.

Judge for yourself, two thirds of the World’s Top 30 were present at the show organised on the initiative of Sadri Fegaier. The world hierarchy was respected on the track of the French course designer Cédric Longis (FRA), who was officiating for the first time at CSI 5*-level.

2020. Hubside CSI 5 GP Steve Guerdat & Victorio des Frotards 4

Steve Guerdat (SUI) & Victorio des Frotards

Switzerland’s Steve Guerdat (SUI), the World number one, triumphed with Victorio des Frotards. Three cheers for him! He finished ahead of the young French rider Edward Levy (FRA), and Sweden’s Peder Fredricson (SWE), the current World no.6.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, forty-eight horse-and-rider combinations, among which the best riders and horses in the world, took part in the first five-star Grand Prix to be held in Europe since 23 February! Nine of them found the key to this first round, under the sun of the French Riviera and so going through to the jump-off.

2020. Hubside CSI 5 GP Edward Levy & Rebeca LS MV

Edward Levy (FRA) & Rebeca LS

Suspense to the very round Italy’s Albert Zorzi (ITA), the first rider to go in the jump-off with Cinsey, having one pole down. Given the prestigious list of riders to follow, his chance of finishing on the podium was slim. Indeed, immediately after, France’s Edward Levy had the first double clear in a very fast time of 37:86. In doing so, he established the time to beat for several rounds…

His fellow countrymen, Titouan Schumacher (FRA) had one pole down, while Kevin Staut (FRA) was double clear, but not as fast (39:33), the latter not managing to unseat Levy and his mount Rebeca LS from the pole position. Other riders tried and came close, but Levy’s time remained unbeaten!

2020. Hubside CSI 5 GP Peder Fredricson & Catch Me Not S MV

Peder Fredricson (SWE) & Catch Me Not S

Belgium’s Olivier Philippaerts (BEL) and Niels Bruynseels (BEL) were double clear as was Sweden’s Peder Fredricson (SWE), but Edward Levy was still the fastest rider. Germany’s Daniel Deusser (GER), the World number 3, came into the ring, but the threat he represented subsided when he knocked a pole down.

2020. Hubside CSI 5 GP Steve Guerdat & Victorio des Frotards 3

Steve Guerdat (SUI) & Victorio des Frotards

Switzerland’s Steve Guerdat (SUI) was the last rider to go in this jump-off. What a rider! The World number one, the title holder of the Longines FEI World Cup Final and the 2012 Olympic individual gold medallist. He put an end to the suspense… and the dreams of a victory for the French rider. He was also double clear and finished thirteen hundredths of a second faster than Levy in a time of 37.73 seconds.

2020. Hubside CSI 5 GP Cel Steve Guerdat & Victorio des Frotards

Steve Guerdat (SUI) & Victorio des Frotards during the awards ceremony

Winner’s Circle – Steve Guerdat (SUI)

“The first round went really well. Victorio had already won the three 5-star Grands Prix in which he competed this year. I knew he could do it but despite this, there were a lot of unknowns in this Grand Prix, as I didn’t jump a lot with my horses during the lockdown. He jumped really well here during the first week of the Hubside Jumping and then he went home to rest a bit last week. He jumped really well in the first big class on Thursday, but in the 1m50 class on Friday I felt he was a bit tired. So I wasn’t sure how we would do today. Apparently, the day off really did him good, because during the first round he jumped incredibly. I think that he has never jumped as well as that! I had a great feeling in the ring when we jumped the first round. The jump-off
of this Grand Prix was really fast, like all the classes that take place here, and that’s why I chose to ride Victorio. He really gave it his all for me in the jump-off and I’m really proud of him! Next week, I will be back in the ring here but without Victorio, who is going home to have a rest.”

Runner-Up – Edward Levy (FRA)
“It’s always frustrating to be beaten by the last rider in the ring of course, but today it was the World number 1, so it’s a good consolation prize! There was line-up worthy of a championship in this Grand Prix and my mare was extraordinary. This great result rounds off the good performances that Rebeca Ls has had here, so I’m really pleased. Even if Rebeca doesn’t
have a very long stride, she is always very fast on the ground. I think that Steve and I had the same number of strides, so I really don’t know where he was faster. I have no regrets because I rode the jump-off round that I was supposed to, no matter what. Rebeca was able to have a rest during the
lockdown like most of the older horses. She toned up while staying really fresh. When she got here, she was champing at the bit… And so was I! (laughs)”

Third Place – Peder Fredricson (SWE)
“It was really great to take part in this show and meet up with all the riders again. I really missed them (laughs). We all really missed the social side of shows. And high-level sport is of course what we missed the most. Everyone wanted to win this Grand Prix and we were all super focused! We had a great Grand Prix and the course designer did a fantastic job! I don’t
think that there were any options in the jump-off that would have allowed you to save time. It was all down to the horses’ abilities.”

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Source: Press release from Daniel Koroloff for Hubside Jumping

Photos: © Hubside Jumping / Marco Villanti / Ljuba Buzzola

2020. Hubside CSI 5 GP Steve Guerdat & Victorio des Frotards HJ MV

Steve Guerdat (SUI) & Victorio des Frotards


Steve Guerdat & Victorio des Frotards Prennent la Tête du Barrage dans le €200,000 Hubside Jumping Grand Prix CSI 5* 

Les Impressions de Steve Guerdat (SUI)

Le premier tour s’est très bien passé. Victorio avait déjà gagné les trois Grand Prix 5* auxquels il a participé cette année. Je savais qu’il pouvait le faire mais il y avait malgré de nombreuses inconnues sur ce Grand Prix car je n’ai pas beaucoup sauté avec mes chevaux pendant le confinement. Il a très bien sauté ici la première semaine de l’Hubside Jumping puis il est rentré à la maison se reposer un peu la semaine passée. Jeudi il a très bien sauté dans la première épreuve puis dans la 1,50m de vendredi je l’ai senti un peu fatigué. Je n’étais donc pas certain du résultat aujourd’hui. Le jour de repos d’hier lui a visiblement fait beaucoup de bien car durant le premier parcours il a sauté de manière incroyable. Je crois même qu’il a rarement sauté aussi bien que ça ! J’avais en piste un sentiment fantastique au premier parcours. Le barrage est allé très très vite dans ce Grand Prix, comme toutes les épreuves qui se courent ici d’ailleurs et c’est pour cela que j’avais choisi de monter Victorio. Au barrage il s’est vraiment battu pour moi et je suis très fier de lui! La semaine prochaine je serai de nouveau en piste ici mais sans Victorio qui lui va rentrer à la maison pour récupérer tranquillement.

2020. Hubside CSI 5 GP Steve Guerdat & Victorio des Frotards 5

Steve Guerdat (SUI) & Victorio des Frotards

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Source: Comuniqué de presse par Daniel Koroloff pour Hubside Jumping

Photos: © Hubside Jumping / Marco Villanti / Ljuba Buzzola