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Roberto Turchetto & Baron Race to Be the Best in €100,000 His Majesty King Mohammed VI Grand Prix CSI 4*-W at the Morocco Royal Tour

2019. MRT El Jadida CSI 4W GP Roberto Turchetto & Baron MRT RB Presse PR

El Jadida, Morocco – October 20, 2019 – The 10th edition of the Morocco Royal Tour came to an end in grand fashion this afternoon during the 12th Salon du Cheval d’El Jadida in El Jadida, Morocco.

Once again, Iuliano Vezzani (ITA) had the task of designing the 1.45m-1.60m course and the Italian did not disappoint, setting a fair but very challenging track to determine the winner of the €100,000 His Majesty King Mohammed VI Grand Prix CSI 4*-W.

First Round

As the ninth to go in the order, Simon Delestre (FRA) and Qopilot Batilly Z (Qlassic Bois Margot x Cabdula du Tillard) set the benchmark for the rest of the field, being the first ones to complete the first round course flawlessly, moreover, well under the time allowed of 72 seconds (68.03 seconds).

Laura Jane Tidball (CAN) and Concetto Son equaled the feat of the Frenchman only to see fellow Canadian Tiffany Foster (CAN) and Brighton join them too.

The first round of the contest proved to be very technical with fences falling all over the course and 9 competitors deciding to retire. Some obstacles stood out in terms of penalties, mainly the double combination at number 5 (oxer +vertical), obstacle number 8, the triple combination at number nine; especially element c. Time was not an issue and the only ones who received time penalties did so because of refusals.

2019. MRT El Jadida CSI 4W GP Natale Chiaudani & Chopard MRT RB Presse PR

Natale Chiaudani (ITA) & Chopard

Nevertheless, Natale Chiaudani (ITA), Virginie Thonon (BEL), Bruce Goodin (NZL), Billy Twomey (IRL), Roberto Turchetto (ITA), Helen Tredwell (GBR), Felipe Amaral (BRA), Stefan Eder (AUT), Elian Baumann (SUI) all registered a clean scorecard in the first round, automatically advancing to next phase. As the fastest among all four-faulters, Alain Pierre Mortier (FRA) also qualified for the next round, bringing the total of finalists to thirteen.

Second Round

The second round consisted of seven obstacles with eight jumping efforts, 3 oxers and 5 verticals. The bogey double combination (oxer + vertical) at former number 5 was present once again and decisive in eliminating contenders.

Roberto Turchetto (ITA) and Baron posted the first double clear of the day. The Italian guided the 13-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding (Colman x Numero Unot) very tightly in the turns, a risk that paid off as the duo crossed the finish line flawlessly, timed in 36.98 seconds for the victory.

Natale Chiaudani (ITA) and Chopard (Rascin x Concorde) had a scare when one of the verticals rattled, but it stayed on the cups, with the Italian taking over the second position for good after a penalty-free effort in 37.30 seconds.

2019. MRT El Jadida CSI 4W GP Elian Baumann & Campari Z MRT RB Presse PR

Elian Baumann (SUI) & Campari Z

As the last ones to go in the final round, Elian Baumann (SUI) and Campari Z (Contact vd Heffinck x Platini M) had to settle for third place, backed by a good clean run, stopping the timers in 40.21 seconds.

2019. MRT El Jadida CSI 4W GP Cel Roberto Turchetto MRT RB Presse PR

Awards Ceremony: Bruce Goodin (NZL), Stefan Eder (AUT), Roberto Turchetto (ITA), Charif Moulay Abdallah Alaoui – President of the Moroccan Royal Federation of Equestrian Sports (FRMSE), Natale Chiaudani (ITA), Elian Baumann (SUI) and M. Aziz Akhannouche – Minister of Agriculture of Morocco.

Winner’s Circle – Roberto Turchetto (ITA)

About His Performance & Horse

“The first round was very difficult, very technical but there were still 12 clears in the second round. I was very tight with him around the corners to win. My horse is 12 years old, he is a very competitive horse. He has always jumped very well and today he confirmed that he is a very good horse.”

About the Morocco Royal Tour

“I am very happy with the Morocco Royal Tour, it’s been 3 years that I have been coming here and I will be here next year.”

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Photos: © Agence R&B Presse / Pascal Renauldon

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