CSI 4*

Abdullah Al-Sharbatly & Beau Limit Victorious Again at the Morocco Royal Tour CSI 4*-W

2019. MRT El Jadida CSI 4W Marjane Abdullah Al-Sharbatly & Beau Limit MRT

El Jadida, Morocco – October 18, 2019 – The second day of the Morocco Royal Tour CSI 4*-W during the Salon du Cheval d’El Jadida began Friday morning at the Parc d’Expositions King Mohammed VI. The first major FEI-level class of the day was the €10,000 Prix Marjane CSI 4*-W, a two-phase challenge on a 1.35m/1.40m course designed by Iuliano Vezzani (ITA).

Emanuele Gaudiano (ITA) and Contento 23 (Contendros 2 x Cento) jumped their way straight to the lead, being the first ones to advance to the second phase and complete it without registering any penalties, going through the timers in 22.68 seconds.

Roberto Turchetto (ITA) and Baron challenged their fellow countryman while still being clean all the way to the end , coming close with a time of 23.39 seconds.

Another Italian, Natale Chiaudani (ITA) and Belly Dancer RS (Eurocommerce Berlin x Acobat II) not only added his name to the top of the leaderboard, also taking the lead in 22.51 seconds, temporarily completing the Azzurri ‘trifecta’.

However, only the latter of the three Italians would stay among the top three, in fact, finishing in third place.

After registering back-to-back wins last week in Rabat, one of them aboard the same and an unfortunate fall last night, Abdullah Al-Sharbatly (KSA) showed great mental strength to go for another win. And that’s exactly what the Saudi did the aboard Beau Limit, riding the 13-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding (No Limit x Hors La Loi II) by advancing and completing the second section of the challenge almost one full second faster than the runners-up, timed in 21.26 seconds.

Jan Bobik (POL) and Chacco Amicor ZM (Chacco-Blue x Balou du Rouet) earned silver honors in 22.24 seconds while Chiaudani (ITA) rounded out the top three as mentioned previously in this text.

2019. MRT El Jadida CSI 4W Marjane Cel Abdullah Al-Sharbatly & Beau Limit MRT

Winner’s Circle – Abdullah Al Sharbatly

About the Fall & Recovery Process towards Victory

“I had a worse fall like 5 years ago. I broke my shoulder, it was dislocated and broken and the week after I ended up winning the Grand Prix in Qatar. And I always know that if you believe that you can do it, you can do it! Even if you have a broken leg or hand, if you want to do something, you can do it. Inside every human, there’s something really strong, if you try and believe in something, you’ll will do it! If you feel that you can not, then you will not.”

So I had a lot of pain all over the left side of my body but I did the x-ray and there was nothing broken. So I said to myself, if there’s nothing broken, no matter how much pain, I can handle it. I was icing it the whole night, cold and hot water, and massaged it a lot too. I said to myself: I have to handle the pain and win. The doctor was thinking about whether or not allowing me to ride and I told him: Listen, I have to ride tomorrow and I promised him, inshallah, that I would win and it happened.”

Mental Strength for Victory 
“I am a person who rides better when I am under pressure. Yesterday, many people said for me not to ride, I always like to prove people that nothing is wrong and everything is fine. Yesterday, when I had the fall with my horse, he was going to win the class. And then today, I said: I had to win today, because I was unlucky yesterday and now I should fight more, should try to ride better, more focused than yesterday. I will try to prove people that I was unlucky yesterday and I deserve to win, and I won today. He had two fences to go yesterday and he was going to win. So I said to myself, I was unlucky, God is going to be in my side and I won. He deserved to win, he had an unlucky fall but he is a champion. I would not let him down, he’s a winner!”

“The course was technical and this ring is not the best for him. Small rings are more difficult to him, today he won. He’s good everywhere but he’s better outdoors where he can canter, he’s much better. He’s like a son to me, I love all my horses, I have a lot of emotions with my horses. I spend the whole day with them, they know me and I know them. I come in the morning and leave at eleven at night, sometimes midnight. If it were up to me, I would sleep in the boxes.”

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