CSI 4*

Brilliant Bernardo Alves Back as the Best in Prix SAR Princess Lalla Amina at the Morocco Royal Tour CSIO 4*

2019. Rabat CSIO 4 Princess Bernardo Alves & El Torreo de Muze R&B Presse

Rabat, Morocco – October 11, 2019 – After a cloudy morning, the sun came out at the Royal Morocco Tour CSIO 4* this afternoon and with the heat excitement too. Several top names of the sport clashed for the feature class of the day, the €59,500 Prix SAR Princess Lalla Amina CSIO 4*-W, the second stage of the Grand Prix of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

Once again, the course was designed by Alan Wade (IRL), this time under a two-round format with either all clear performances or the top twenty-five percent highest-placed combinations all advancing to the second round of the 1,50m-1.60m contest.

First Round
Many combinations fell victim to the liverpool at obstacle three as horses either took a peek, some spooked or were in too deep to clear the top pole. In fact, there was even a direct elimination due to it. Another major concern for the competitors was the triple alongside the VIP tent, with element b and c coming down quite often.

A total of ten combinations cleared all the obstacles in the first round, advancing automatically to the decisive phase: Abdullah Al Sharbatly (KSA), Felipe Amaral (BRA), Bernardo Alves (BRA), Bruce Goodin (NZL), Andreas Schou (DEN), Virginie Thonon (BEL), Jan Bobik (POL), Emanuelle Camilli (ITA) and Sameh El Dahan (EGY) and Stefan Eder (AUT).

Second Round

After registering four penalty-points in the first round, Olivier Perreau (FRA) and GL Events Dolce Deceuninck (Toulon x Cartier van de Heffinck) were the trailblazers in round 2, but unfortunately, they did not improve on their score, having 8 additional penalty-points.

Paolo Adorno (ITA) and Fer ZG (Nabab de Reve x Cantos) played it safe while going for the clear, keeping their same score of four from the first round and the early lead in 44.34 seconds. It was dejá vu for fellow Italian, Natale Chiaudani (ITA) and Chopard (Rascin x Concorde), bringing their total to 8 penalty-points.

Abdullah Humaid Al Muhairi (UAE) and Cha Cha Cha 7 (Rascin x Concorde) suffered the same fate as the latter two, finishing with 8 penalty-points and a final time of 44.28 seconds.

Being the first of three combinations that carried on one time-penalty from the first round, Tiffany Foster (CAN) also chose to go for the clear aboard Figor (Querly-Elvis x Indoctro), hoping for perhaps a high finish. Sadly, her strategy was dismantled when the the last obstacle came down. Helen Treadwell (GBR) and Galtur (Cornet’s Stern x Balou du Rouet) made the same choice, but this time, things worked just as planned, with the Brit becoming the new leader in 50.82 seconds.

The wheels fell off for Sameh El Dahan (EGY) and Channel XXV (Larimar x Corrado I) and they added 12 penalty-points to their score. Emanuelle Camilli (ITA) and Jakko (Vagabond de La Pomme x Mr Blue) were supreme over all the jumps for the second time, registering the first double clear of the challenge. However, their time of 48.09 seconds would be good enough for fourth place.

As the second round unfolded, it was clear that the the Qatar vertical and the former triple turned into double (oxer + vertical) would be decisive.

Jan Bobik (POL) and Chacco Amicor (Chacco Blue x Cento) found themselves out of the hunt with an unlucky rub. Virginie Thonon (BEL) set out fast but once again the Qatar vertical was fatal.

Riding the small and speedy Backatorps Danny V (Quasimodo Z x Lupicor), Bruce Goodin (NZL) blazed through the course, being the new leaders in 41.84 seconds, a mark that would eventually earn them bronze honors.

2019. Rabat CSIO 4 Princess Bernardo Alves & El Torreo de Muze R&B Presse 2

Bernardo Alves (BRA) & El Torreo de Muze 

Bernardo Alves (BRA) took center stage showing the impeccable posture of the great ones, guiding El Torreo de Muze brilliantly en route to a tight approach to the blue oxer and then to the Qatari obstacle (vertical) that had been knocked down several times during the second round. The 9-year-old grey Belgian Warmblood stallion (Taran de La Pomme x Vigo d’Arsouilles) responded, showing all his power over the double alongside the VIP tent before going all out down the final stretch in seven strides to claim the victory in 40.47 seconds.

There were still four other riders to challenge him. Among them, the last one, Abdullah Al Sharbatly (KSA), who gave the Brazilian a run for his money aboard Larry 210, falling just short in 40.92 seconds for the runner-up position.

2019. MRT Rabat CSIO 4 GP Podium R&B Presse J. Rodrigues

Awards Ceremony: Helen Tredwell (GBR), Emanuele Camilli (ITA) Bernardo Alves (BRA), Chrifa Lalla Soumaya El OuazzaniAbdullah Al Sharbatly (KSA) and Bruce Goodin (NZL)

Winner’s Circle: Bernardo Alves

 Partnership with El Torreo de Muze 

First, El Torreo is a horse Belgian Warmblood from Joris de Brabander, owner of Stal de Muze, a marvelous breeder, one of the most important breeders in the world, one that has horses winning grands prix all  over the world. El Torreo is a horse that has reached this level now, I have already won two-star and three-star level grands prix with him. This is the first time that I tried him at the 4* level and he was perfect right from the bat.

About the Morocco Royal Tour

“I am impressed with the Morocco Royal Tour, I had already heard from those who came. And this year, since it is a qualifier for the Middle East and Africa, everybody is here, with strong teams and the competition is fierce. The level of course designing is very high with the very best here, I am very impressed.”

Expectations in Regards to the Future

“Joris is more than an owner, he is a guy who really loves horses and wants to leave the stallion with me as long as possible. He is interested in the horse as a stallion. He is a guy who I fully trust. I am looking for other horses, hopefully with him, what he can offer me is very good.”

2019. Rabat CSIO 4 Princess Bernardo Alves & El Torreo de Muze R&B Presse 4

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Photos: © R&B Presse / J. Rodrigues