CSI 3*

Nisse Luneburg & Luca Toni Claim Gold in €75,250 Grand Prix of Paderborn CSI 3*

Paderborn - OWL Challenge 5. Etappe BEMER Riders Tour 2019

Paderborn, Germany – September 16, 2019 – Nisse Luneburg (GER) and Luca Toni 27 won the €75,250 Bemer Riders Tour Grand Prix of Paderborn CSI 3* yesterday during the OWL Challenge Paderborn CSI 3* in Paderborn, Germany.

On the sunny Schützenplatz in Paderborn, 50 combinations started to run for points in the Bemer Riders Tour in the Grand Prix of Paderborn CSI 3*, with 13 of them reaching the second round.

2019. Paderborn CSI 3 GP Nisse Luneburg & Luca Toni SLF 2

Nisse Lüneburg (GER) & Luca Toni 27

Nisse Lüneburg (GER) found the ideal line with Luca Toni 27 as the first starters. In 39.02 seconds and without any penalties, the rider from Hetlingen and the 12-year-old Oldenburg gelding (Lord Z x Landor S) left the course and thus had set a mark at which the following 12 pairs failed to beat.

Mario Stevens (GER) and Landano Old (Lord Pezi x C-Indoctro) came closest to the winners, finishing second only due to their second round time of 39.25 seconds.

“I saw him riding and honestly could not tell where I could have done better with Landano. The second round was safe for our two horses with long lines. “

Third place was claimed by Patrick Stühlmeyer (GER) with Varihoka du Temple (Luigi d’Amaury x Kannan) who also registered a clean second-round effort, stopping the final timers in 39.41 seconds.

2019. Paderborn CSI 3 GP Cel Top 3 SLF

Winner’s Circle: 

“I knew that there are still fast couples coming,” said Lüneburg, “so sure that was not.” The “long” spent time in front of the monitor in the riding area, surrounded by colleagues, who then did not save congratulations and compliments.”

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Source: Press release (translated/edited) from Bemer Riders Tour

Photos: © Bemer Riders Tour / Pferdefotografie Lafrentz by Stefan LaFrentz