CSI 5*

Curtains Close for Cornet d’Amour during Retirement Ceremony at the Brussels Stephex Masters

2019. Tribute Cornet d'Amour Daniel Deusser Jeroen Willems

Meise, Belgium – August 31, 2019 – A beautiful retirement ceremony for Cornet d’Amour was held last Saturday during the Brussels Stephex Masters CSI 5*/3*/2* at Stephex Stables in Meise, Belgium.

2019. Tribute Cornet d'Amour Daniel Deusser Jeroen Willems 2

Daniel Deusser (GER) & Cornet d’Amour

Stephex Stables’ rider, Daniel Deusser (GER) teamed up with the 16-year-old grey Westphalian gelding (Cornet Obolensky x Damiani) in 2012 and they formed a winning partnership from the beginning, claiming three victories in the same year.

2019. Tribute Cornet d'Amour Daniel Deusser Jeroen Willems 5

Sean Lynch, Cornet d’Amour, Daniel Deusser (GER), Jenny Rågdell Lagerqvist and Stephan Conter (CEO of the Stephex Group)

The CEO of the Stephex Group, Stephan Conter, and Daniel Deusser (GER) spoke words of gratitude and admiration not only for Cornet d’Amour, but also to Jenny Ragdell Lagerqvist and Sean Lynch, who were vital in the gelding’s successful career at the top of the sport.

Cornet d’Amour amazing career is highlighted by the following FEI-level victories.

2012 Hachenburg CSI 3*

2012 BMO Financial Cup – Spruce Meadows CSIO 5*

2012 Jump-off Class – Wien Stadthalle CSI 5*

2013 World Cup Wellington CSI 5*-W

2013 Second Individual Competition – European Championships Herning

2013 Mechelen CSI 5*

2014 Final Individual Competition – World Cup Final Lyon CSI 5*-W

2014 Overall World Cup Final Champion – Lyon CSI 5*-W

2015 Rolex Grand Prix – ‘s-Hertogenbosch CSI 5*

2016 Third Competition World Cup Final – Gothenburg CSI 5*-W

2017 Longines Masters Grand Prix of Paris CSI 5*

2018 Longines Masters of Hong Kong CSI 5*

2018 VDL Groep Prize Brussels Stephex Masters – ‘s-Hertogenbosch CSI 5*

For Cornet’s d’Amour’s complete FEI records & results, please click here .

Photos: © Jeroen Willems