CSI 2*

Sam Walker & Coralissa Unbeatable in $72,000 Groupby Grand Prix CSI 2* at Angelstone Tournaments

2019. Angelstone CSI 2 GP Sam Walker & Coralissa Ringside Media
Rockwood, Ontario, Canada – August 24, 2019 – Super talent Sam Walker (CAN) continued his winning ways last week at the during Angelstone Tournaments’ International CSI 2* in Rockwood, Province of Ontario, Canada.
Coming hot off of a silver medal at Young Riders a few weeks ago, Sam and MarBill Hill Farm’s Coralissa were unbeatable this week taking home the win in both the Open Welcome and the Super Saturday Grand Prix CSI 2*.
Keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats, the Canadian and the 9-year-old bay Holsteiner mare (Com Air x Corrado I) were victorious despite having one pole down during the tiebreaker, securing the victory due to their time of 38.100 seconds.
Jill Henselwood (CAN) and Eblesse were the runners-up, the difference being their jump-off time of 38.258 seconds.
Alexanne Thibault (CAN) and Chacco Prime (Chacco-Blue x Le Primeur) rounded out the top three with a five penalty-points and a final time of 39.053 seconds.
2019. Angelstone CSI 2 GP Sam Walker & Coralissa Ringside Media 2
Sam Walker (USA) & Adam Haney on Kubota UTV RTV-X, a prize the young star also claimed for winning phase two of the Kubota Triple Crown 
Previously, the winning duo had  managed to keep all the jumps up and ride out victorious on two occasions this week, for phase two of the Kubota Triple Crown. Watch for this combination next week for the Grand Finale of the Kubota Triple Crown.
Fun Fact: This combination has won three out of four of our ranking classes here at Angelstone this summer, will they hold their winning streak next week and take home the Kubota Triple Crown?!
Kubota Triple Crown at Angelstone
The Kubota Triple Crown will be awarded to the rider who wins the most money in the three Saturday events. The current standings after phase 2 are as follows, and $72,000 is up for grabs next Saturday night. Prize money will be paid out as follows Prize money payout.
2019. Angelstone CSI 2 GP Cel Sam Walker & Coralissa Ringside Media
Podium: Jill Henselwood (CAN), Sam Walker (USA), Alexanne Thibault (CAN)
Source: Press release from Angelstone Tournaments
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