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Brussels Stephex Masters to Host Retirement Ceremony for Cornet d’Amour

2019. News Cornet d'Amour to Retire JN JC Markun 2

Brussels, Belgium – August 27, 2019 – Stephex Stables’ Cornet d’Amour will be retired next Saturday during the Brussels Stephex Masters CSI 5*/3*/2*.

Originally, the horse had been brought up by Pedro Veniss (BRA) before being sold to Stephex Stable. Riding for the renowned stables from Belgium, Daniel Deusser (GER) teamed up with the 16-year-old grey Westphalian gelding (Cornet Obolensky x Damiani) in 2012 and they formed a winning partnership from the beginning, claiming three victories in the same year.

Stephex Stables released the following statement on their Facebook account:

“Greatness comes from the desire to do extraordinary things. You must reach beyond the status quo and continuously chase your dreams. It all starts with setting and accomplishing goals, but when you aim higher than where you set your mark, you force yourself to get better, one victory at a time.”

“It’s with a lot of respect and gratefulness that we announce the retirement from the sport of the legend Cornet d’Amour. I can proudly say that Cornet d’Amour helped me triumph and achieve many of my goals and this at the highest level of the equestrian sport. It’s the first horse of which I could certainly say that he would stay within the Stephex Family even after retiring. So, a big thank you to Cornet d’Amour and a happy retirement.” – Stephan Conter- Stephex

2019. News Cornet d'Amour to Retire JN JC Markun 3

Daniel Deusser (GER) & Cornet d’Amour 

“They say that a horse can change your life and that the truly special ones define it. That’s the case for Cornet d’Amour and me . He is an exceptional horse that always went to great lengths in order to get us to the top of the sport. Winning the World cup in Lyon was the highlight of our careers. I’m grateful for what we achieved together. I will miss him in my stable, but it’s time now for him to enjoy the green pastures.” – Daniel Deusser

Join us for a special farewell on Saturday evening at the Brussels Stephex Masters 2019.

2019. News Cornet d'Amour to Retire JN JC Markun

Daniel Deusser (GER) & Cornet d’Amour 


Cornet d’Amour amazing career is highlighted by the following FEI-level victories.

2012 Hachenburg CSI 3*

2012 BMO Financial Cup – Spruce Meadows CSIO 5*

2012 Jump-off Class – Wien Stadthalle CSI 5*

2013 World Cup Wellington CSI 5*-W

2013 Second Individual Competition – European Championships Herning

2013 Mechelen CSI 5*

2014 Final Individual Competition – World Cup Final Lyon CSI 5*-W

2014 Overall World Cup Final Champion – Lyon CSI 5*-W

2015 Rolex Grand Prix – ‘s-Hertogenbosch CSI 5*

2016 Third Competition World Cup Final – Gothenburg CSI 5*-W

2017 Longines Masters Grand Prix of Paris CSI 5*

2018 Longines Masters of Hong Kong CSI 5*

2018 VDL Groep Prize Brussels Stephex Masters – ‘s-Hertogenbosch CSI 5*

For Cornet’s d’Amour’s complete FEI records & results, please click here.

Source: Statement on Stephex Stables’s Facebook account

Photos: © Jumper News / JC Markun

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