Harley Brown & Mylord Cornet Fly to First in $40,000 Stephen Silver Grand Prix at Menlo Charity Horse Show

2019. Menlo GP Harley Brown & Mylord Cornet Alden Corrigan

Atherton, California – August 10, 2019 – 2019 marks the third year that Chairman and CEO of Stephen Silver, the leading Silicon Valley jewelry and watch retailer, based in the Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel, has sponsored the $40,000 Grand Prix. Silver grew up in the local area and first met Betsy Glikbarg, founder of the Menlo Charity Horse Show when he was only a teenager. Silver and his family have attended the Menlo Charity Horse Show since the very beginning. “We are committed to philanthropy in our area and have built our business according to the guiding principles of both empathy and community. We have been a sponsor for 9 years now and are delighted to once again have the opportunity to be the Grand Prix Sponsor” said Stephen Silver.

A Grand Prix Course by Design

Course Designer Bernado Costa Cabral (POR) set a beautiful course on the Grass Jumper Field, challenging the riders and their horses with difficult turns and distances.

“I wanted to make it a difficult test this evening, but I also want to make it fair for the up and coming riders and the younger horses, it was such a mixed group, so I was happy with fourteen clear, better fourteen than two, Cabral laughed. I thought that the younger group had a good experience and did well. When I have a larger jump off group, I make sure that the jump off is not too quick on purpose, this allows the good horses to have a chance, not only the fast horses that were lucky to go clear today. I make sure that the fences are big enough that it is jumping first and speed second.”

2019. Menlo GP Cel Harley Brown & Mylord Cornet Alden Corrigan.jpg

Harley Brown and Mylord Cornet Secure the Win in the $40,000 Stephen Silver Grand Prix

The jump off in this year’s event required riders to take a huge risk in increasing their speed, as the course required a steady ride, yet every attempt at acceleration could risk a rail. Brown pushed the limits and managed to set a time that was hard to beat. Many were bitten by a rail as they attempted to knock Brown off the top spot. In fact, amongst those trying to set a faster time were students under Brown’s tutelage.

The New Zealander and the 9-year-old Oldenburg gelding (Montender 2 x Cornet Obolensky) were supreme in the feature class, leaving all the poles up and completing the jump-off in 42.613 seconds for the victory.

2019. Menlo GP Jamie Sailor & Cucky 3 Alden Corrigan

Jamie Sailor (USA) & Cucky 3

Jamie Sailor (USA) and Cucky 3 (Catoki x Praktiker) were right on the heels of the eventual winners, finishing second only due to their time of 42.795 seconds.

2019. Menlo GP Nicole Haunert & Calgary W Alden Corrigan

Nicole Haunert (USA) & Calgary IV

Nicole Haunert (USA) and Calgary IV (Casall x Calato) earned bronze honors backed by two penalty-free efforts, the decisive one in 43.198 seconds.

“That was fun. Mylord Cornet is a strong horse and he was great this evening. I had a bunch of kids riding in the Grand Prix too, so it has all been a bit of a blur. For me the whole evening went very quickly, I gave them all a plan to beat me, this time they didn’t, normally they do. I really did not get the time to watch the other riders go, I was busy watching my kids. I rode my rounds and then I had to warm up another horse and rider. I had no idea what was going on other than hearing a loud roar from the spectators as an indicator of someone success in the arena.

About Mylord Cornet

We bought Mylord Cornet as a six-year-old in Europe, he did the Grand Prix once before….two years ago here at Menlo as a seven-year-old and placed third, he is owned by my Katherine Brewer, who also rode tonight, and has placed second in this Grand Prix in the past”

Results $40,000 Stephen Silver Grand Prix

1) Harley Brown (AUS) & Mylord Cornet – 0 / 70.982 – 0 / 42.613

2) Jamie Sailor (USA) & Cucky 3 – 0 / 67.049 – 0 / 42.795

3) Nicole Haunert (USA) & Calgary IV – 0 / 71.601 – 0 / 43.198

4) Patrick Seaton (GBR) & Veronica – 0 / 68.047 – 0 / 43.466

5) Daniel Zilla (USA) & Venice BF – 0 / 72.206- 0 / 43.616

6) Lindsay Archer (USA) & Eta Beta Di San Patrignano – 0 / 71.890 – 0 / 45.169

7) Guy Thomas (NZL) & Jonkheer Z – 0 / 69.980 – 4 / 39.959

8) Emma Catherine Reichow (USA) & Apex – 0 / 70.334 – 0 / 40.341

9) Zume Gallaher (USA) & Edita – 0 / 68.972 – 4 / 40.594

10) Alessandra Volpi (USA) & Absolute Du Mio – 0 / 67.778 – 4 / 42.426

11) Brooke Morin (USA) & Cassito Del Diablo – 0 / 72.540 – 4 / 43.808

12) John Bragg (USA) & Nikh Quanto – 0 / 74.864 – 4 / 46.830

For full results, please click here.

Source: Press release by Menlo Charity Horse Show

Photos: © Alden Corrigan Media


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