CSI 4*

Ömer Karaevli & Roso Au Crosnier Cruise to Win €93,300 Energochemica Grand Prix CSI 4* at X-Bionic Equestor Sphere

2019. X-Bionic CSI 4 GP Omer Karaevli & Roso au Crosnier XBES MV

Šamorín, Slovakia, July 28, 2019 – It was a seamless victory from start to finish for Turkey’s Ömer Karaevli (TUR) and Roso Au Crosnier in the €93.300 Grand Prix CSI 4*, presented by Energochemica, on Sunday, July 28 during Week 2 of the X-Bionic® Summer Tour (July 23–28, 2019).

2019. X-Bionic CSI 4 GP Omer Karaevli & Roso au Crosnier XBES MV 2

Ömer Karaevli (TUR) & Roso Au Crosnier

The top 13 riders in the field were invited back for the second round, where the Olympic show jumper and the 14- year-old Selle Français gelding  (Looping d’Elle x Odin de la Cense), owned by Kaya Diman, became the fastest of only three, double-clear rounds of the day. Tenth to go in the jump-off order, Karaevli’s time of 41.82 seconds would eventually prove uncatchable.

2019. X-Bionic CSI 4 GP Cel Omer Karaevli & Roso au Crosnier XBES MV

Ömer Karaevli (TUR) & Roso Au Crosnier

A longtime competitor at X-Bionic® Sphere, Sunday’s victory marks the Turkish rider’s first, CSI 4* grand prix win at Šamorín. “It’s actually my fifth time competing here,” said a delighted Karaevli after the class. “I was here last year and before that I had a one-year break, but I was here the first three years as well, so I know the ring and the show well, and I’m very happy to be here.”

Italian Course Designer Uliano Vezzani’s first round track, with its wide and square final oxer, proved especially challenging for the international field of 50 competitors, with only five riders managing to jump clear in order to qualify for the jump-off. Six competitors on four faults as well as two riders with four faults and one time fault wouldalso move on to contest the second round.

2019. X-Bionic CSI 4 GP Filippo Marco Bologni & Sedik Milano Quilazo XBES MV

Filippo Marco Bologni (ITA) & Sedik Milano Quilazio

Filippo Marco Bologni (ITA), riding Sedik Milano Quilazio (Quidam de Revel x Calato), was the first rider to return on a zero score to try his luck on Vezzani’s looping, seven-obstacle jump-off track. Adding an extra stride to the delicate, final vertical, Bologni earned a conservative clear on a time of 48.30 seconds.

2019. X-Bionic CSI 4 GP Omer Karaevli & Roso au Crosnier XBES MV 4

Omer Karaevli (ITA) & Roso Au Crosnier

Next to go, Omer Karaevli (ITA) and Roso Au Crosnier (Looping d’Elle x Odin de la Cense), riding with smooth, neat efficiency, were also deceptively fast, shaving more than six seconds off Bologni’s time to take over the lead. However, there was still one more combination to go that had register a clear in the first round.

2019. X-Bionic CSI 4 GP Cel Andres Azcarraga & Contendros XBES MV

Andres Azcarraga (MEX) & Contendros 

Mexico’s Andres Azcarraga and the 12-year-old Hanoverian stallion, Contendros (Contendro I x Drosselklang II), looked poised to take over the lead, finding a more direct bending line between Jumps 11 and 12, and leaving out a stride to the final vertical. Alas, Azcarraga, 26, ultimately stopped the clock at 42.54 seconds, earning second place on the podium; Bologni of Italy would take third.

This is the first big win of the season for Karaevli, 41, and his top horse, Roso Au Crosnier, who finished second in the CSIO 3* 1.60m Grand Prix in Uggerhaine, Denmark, in May. “I actually came [to Šamorín] to build up my horses, so it’s been an amazing opportunity to be here,” said Karaevli, adding that he is using the X-Bionic® Summer Tour as a training ground for his string ahead of the Longines FEI European Championships in Rotterdam at the end of August. You can view full results from Sunday’s Energochemica Grand Prix CSI 4* at: x-bionicsphere.com.

Also taking place this week, reigning FEI World CupTM Champion Bram Chardon was unbeatable during the premier of Driving sport at the X-Bionic® Summer Tour (July 26 – 28). The top Dutch athlete seemed to fly through the Farriers Arena with his four-horse team, winning three times with considerable time laps.

Six of the world’s top four-in-hand drivers thrilled spectators this week in Samorin. Among them: Glenn Geerts of Belgium, U.S. multi-champion Chester Weber, father-and-son team Dobrovitz from Hungary, and German driver Georg von Stein, all of whom demonstrated fast-paced, world-class driving in a series of fantastic rounds in thecombined marathon course, designed by Wolfgang Asendorf.

Winner Bram Chardon spoke on behalf of all the drivers in the competition, saying, “It was a great pleasure and aspecial experience for all of us to get the opportunity to present four-in-hand sport under the top conditions of this unique location at X-Bionic® Sphere in Šamorín.”

For full results, please click here.

Source: Press release by Nico Villanti / Denis Monticolo Events for X-Bionic Equestor Sphere

Photos: © X-Bionic Equestor Sphere / Marco Villanti