Cassio Rivetti & Queen Reign Supreme in $20,000 Equestrian Lifestyle Boutique Speed Derby

2019. Temecula Speed Derby Cassio Rivetti & Queen PS Riley Ingram

Temecula, Calif. – May 30, 2019 – Back for another day of world-class show jumping, the Temecula Valley National Horse Show resumed Thursday at Galway Downs with the greatest prize money pot of the week thus far up for grabs. Taking advantage of his horse’s quick footspeed, Cassio Rivetti (BRA) maneuvered Queen to the biggest win of the afternoon, claiming the title spot in the one-round $20,000 Equestrian Lifestyle Boutique 1.40 – 1.45m Speed Derby.

No stranger to Temecula as a returning course designer, Olaf Petersen, Jr. (GER) constructed a 15-effort pattern for the 37 entries in the $20,000 Equestrian Lifestyle Boutique 1.40 – 1.45m Speed Derby, which proved to be a suitable challenge for exhibitors. The trailblazers for the class, Jason McArdle (USA) and Elicole set the early standard as the first to tackle the track and first to reach the finish line without incurring any faults, breaking the beam in 67.978 seconds.

2019. Temecula Speed Derby Cassio Rivetti & Queen PS Riley Ingram 2

Cassio Rivetti (BRA) during the awards ceremony

Capitalizing on a number of inside turn options, Rivetti and Jasmine Talley’s Queen immediately blew away McArdle and Elicole’s early time, galloping efficiently to a league all their own with a clear time of 63.720 seconds, more than four seconds quicker.

2019. Temecula Speed Derby John Pearce & Firestone S PS Riley Ingram.jpg

John Pearce (CAN) & Firestone S

Seventh in the order to ride, multiple-time Temecula champion and Olympic veteran John Pearce (CAN) turned in a valiant effort with the reins on Nicole Teague’s Firestone S and looked to be on pace to put pressure on Rivetti and Queen, but crossed the finish line a bit too slow in 65.546 seconds to jump to second position. As the class progressed, a total 10 more combinations concluded the course without penalties to put themselves in contention for the title, but none would be able to match the leading team’s time without lowering any fences.

Of the entire pack, only Pearce would be able to surpass Rivetti and Queen’s rapid time on his second mount of the class, Chantico, in 65.324 seconds, but unfortunately had the back rail of fence 4a down after attempting an incredibly tight rollback. With only one rival left to go, Rivetti still held prime position, and he would retain it as Bjorn Ikast (DEN) and BBB Showjumpers’ Classini broke the beam in 65.552 seconds, securing them third position behind the champions, Rivetti and Queen, and the second place finishers, Pearce and Firestone S.

2019. Temecula Speed Derby Cel Cassio Rivetti & Queen PS Riley Ingram

Cassio Rivetti (BRA) during the awards ceremony

Winner’s Circle

Cassio Rivetti – $20,000 Equestrian Lifestyle Boutique 1.40 – 1.45m Speed Derby Winner

On Queen:
“I started riding Queen one month ago. He is really nice, and a really brave and quick horse. I don’t have too much experience with him but today he was great. I was number two in the start list so I had to try to be as quick as possible. Fences three to four was an inside turn that I was a bit scared to do, so I was quick around and trying to do it fast, and I did.”

On the course:
“It was a very nice course, very technical. We didn’t have too many clears so it was a good course for a speed class.”

On the Temecula Valley National Horse Show:
“It’s beautiful! It’s like a European show and what we have in Europe. It’s very nice for the riders and horses. It’s a perfect show. We will be coming back next year.”

Results – $20,000 Equestrian Lifestyle Boutique 1.40 – 1.45m Speed Derby

Place /  Rider / Country / Horse / Penalties / Time

1. Cassio Rivetti (BRA) & Queen – 0 / 63.720

2. John Pearce (CAN) & Firestone S – 0 / 65.546

3. Bjorn Ikast (DEN) & Classini – 0 / 65.552

4. Femke Courchaine (CAN) & Dereusa S – 0 / 66.202

5. Tiffany Sullivan (USA) & Christian Grey – 0 / 66.792

6. Sarah Invicta Williams-Echols (USA) & Foxxy – 0 / 66.856

7. Jason Mcardle (USA) & Elicole – 0 / 67.978

8. Hannah Heidegger (USA) & Di Caprio RV – 0 / 69.041

9. Carly Anthony (USA) & Genesis – 0 / 70.852

10. Morgan Caplane (USA) & A. Kumonia – 0 / 72.115

11. Jamie Barge (USA) & Luebbo – 0 / 72.170

12. Becky Smith (USA) & Herslev Mark’s Camparo – 0 / 72.270

Source: Press release by Elaine Wessel / Phelps Media Group for Temecula Valley National Horse Show

Photos: © Phelps Sports / Riley Ingram