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Guillaume Foutrier & Tchin de la Tour Top €62,000 Longines Trophy CSI 4* at Casas Novas

2018. Casas Novas CSI 4 Longines Guillaume Foutrier & Tchin de la Tour Oxersport

Memorable afternoon for the French equestrian in Casas Novas, whose riders took three of the five best places in the €62,000 Longines Trophy CSI 4*, among them the winner,Guillaume Foutrier, who competed last in the winning round and made the wait worthwhile with a very fast race with no faults.

The test was long and hard, with 16 efforts in 13 obstacles and a demanding time in the first round, which forced the pairs to go close during the course. The starting order was divided into four series of ten pairs each (plus one rider that was not on the bets), with a total of 41 pairs.

In the third series in the bets (the first two series took place in the previous trophy), no one finished with zero penalty points, either for a knockdown or an excess of time. The best of this series were the Spanish Julio Arias (ESP) with Reggae du Tillard in 78.01 seconds and Reynald Angot (FRA), in 78.59 with Symphonie des Biches (both of them with 1 penalty).

In the next series, the fourth in the bets, another ten riders were prepared to compete, but the luck was uneven, with good results in time but also knocking down. The first to achieve a zero was the British Spencer Roe (GBR), who wins his presence in the winning round, in 76.17 seconds without faults with Wonder Why. Then, the Spanish Gerardo Menéndez Mieres (ESP) showed his great skills, coming from doing good tests in Europe and in the Mediterranean Games, and he made the best time of his series, in 75.22 seconds with Costello DC without penalties.

In the fifth, the biggest applause from the audience went to the French Alexandra Paillot (FRA), registering 76.25 seconds with Lumina and Julien Anquetin (FRA), 77.29 seconds with Alonso N , classified in this series for the winning round.Also Samantha McIntosh (NZL) and Ben Schröder (NED) completed the best classified and won a place for the winning round.

The last eleven riders to compete on the track of Casas Novas were especially bright, with three qualified for the winning round. The first was Eric van der Vleuten (NED), who showed that he wanted a place in the winning round and scored another zero at 76.19 with Zigali P S. The following would be the French Guillaume Foutrier (FRA), who matched the best time of the first round without penalty riding Tchin de la Tour and Alexis Deroubaix (FRA), posting a time of 76.14 seconds aboard Timon d’Aure.

2018. Casas Novas CSI 4 Longines Moment Guillaume Foutrier & Tchin de la Tour Oxersport

Guillaume Foutrier (FRA) & Tchin de La Tour during their lap of honor

Final Surprise in the Winning Round

The first to competed in the winning round was Ben Schröder (NED) but the chrono did not accompany him (54.14 seconds) and was immediately surpassed by the other riders participating in the final: the first, Samantha McIntosh(51.86 with Chec In 2). After her, Reynald Angot competed, who had no luck and was penalized with 4 points. The winning round was bad for Julio Arias, whose horse did not want to compete with the clock already running.

Julien Anquetin and Alexandra Paillot would be the next to make the final round. This last horsewoman showed made the track with 50.59 seconds, surpassing the best time so far. Then, it was the turn of the Dutch Eric van der Vleuten (NED) and Zigali P S, who pulverized the time of the French with a few seconds of difference (48.32 seconds). For his part, the British Spencer Roe (GBR) knocked down. Alexis Deroubaix (FRA) with Timon d’Aure, motivated perhaps by possible call of the first French team, made a memorable performance in 48.03 seconds and leaded at that moment the test. Gerardo Menéndez Mieres (ESP) gave a magnificent performance and placed third with Costello DC and 49.68 seconds.

2018. Casas Novas CSI 4 Cel Moment Guillaume Foutrier & Tchin de la Tour Oxersport

Guillaume Foutrier (FRA) & Tchin de La Tour during the awards ceremony

But everything would be decided in the last moment, with the Frenchman Guillaume Foutrier (FRA), who achieved a brilliant victory in the Longines Trophy, in 47.72 with Tchin de la Tour. Foutrier was accompanied by Alexis Deroubaix (FRA) in second place and Eric van der Vleuten (NED) third.

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Source: Press Release by CSI Casas Novas
Photos: © Oxersport