CSI 2*

Nicolas Pizarro & Chapiletto Claim $60,000 Bryan Anderson Memorial Grand Prix CSI 2* at Rocky Mountain Showjumping

June Classic IJune 20 -  24, 2018RMSJ

After 24 hours of solid rain, the sky’s opened up and the Anderson Grand Prix ring was drenched with beautiful sunshine for the $60,000 Bryan Anderson Memorial Grand Prix.  The man with the smile on his face in the end was Nicolas Pizarro Suarez of Mexico who galloped to the victory in the event aboard his young 8 year old horse Chapiletto. Pizarro was the last to go in the jump off and claimed the victory with a blistering time of 44.87 seconds, besting the first rider out in the Jump off Nikolaj Hein Russ of Denmark by 7/10ths of a second.

Victorious in a field of 31 horse/rider combinations with 6 advancing to the jump off, Nicolas was asked about his day.  “I couldn’t believe that it rained for over 24 hours on Friday and Saturday. Most Shows would have cancelled everything.  Both of my horses jumped great in the warm up competition on Thursday, and today I had great luck with the draw.  I was early to go on my older horse and at the end on Chapiletto.  I was so impressed that after all of that rain that the footing was exactly the same from the beginning until the end.  It was fantastic!”

2018. Rocky Mountain CSI 2 GP Cel Nicolas Pizarro & Chapiletto Amanda Ubell.jpg

Rocky Moutain Chairman John Anderson (CAN) presenting the Bryan Anderson Memorial Trophy to Nicolas Pizarro (MEX) during the awards ceremony.

“I showed here two years ago and I can’t believe all of the changes the team has made here.  Now you have a humongous field just to be able to hack your horses.  Not too many shows in the world have that.  The stables are bigger, and the all-weather ground for the warm up rings is amazing” said Nicolas.  “And I have to say, when you get a show with such warm people who pay attention to all of the details, there is no way not to have good vibes”, he added.  “I will definitely be coming back!  They have everything from the .90m all the way to the big Grand Prix at the end of the show.”

When asked about the success of the June Classic, Tournament Chairman John Anderson responded with a smile.  “This week showcased what we are all about.  Great Sport, with Fun to be had by all.  With the crazy rain we had for the day and a half, it was awesome to see everyone still sporting smiles.  That speaks volume to our entire team.

The next FEI events on the calendar for the team at RMSJ are scheduled at the prestigious Royal West in October, but National competition continues throughout the next few months at the beautiful facility nestled in the foothills of Southern Alberta, just south of Calgary.

Results – $60,000 Bryan Anderson Memorial Grand Prix CSI2*

1) Nicolas Pizarro (MEX) & Chapiletto – 0/0 44.87
2) Nikolaj Hein Russ (DEN) & Concolue – 0/0 45.58
3) Juan Pablo Jimenez (MEX) & Relic LS – 0/0 45.61
4) Vanessa Mannix (CAN) & Catinka – 0/0 47.81
5) Kelly Hirsch (CAN) & Harley van het Exelhof  – 0/0 49.18
6) Soehnke Theymann (GER) & Cypress – 0/0 52.69
7) Nicolas Pizarro (MEX) & Barbaro – 4 75.77
8) Keean White (CAN) & Charming Force – 4 80.78
9) Daniel Rihan (MEX) & Couleur van Berkenbroek – 4 80.99
10) Hendrik Gundersen (DEN) & Landlysts Coquet – 4 81.11
11) Rodrigo Lambre (BRA) & Bearlock Holmes – 4 81.52
12) Vanessa Mannix (CAN) & Hey Jude – 4 82.08

Source: Press Release by Rocky Mountain Showjumping

Photo: © Amanda Ubell Photography