CSI 5*

Interview: Lorenzo de Luca Winner of the €350,000 Rolex Grand Prix of Rome CSI 5*

2018. Rome CSIO 5 Rolex GP Interview Lorenzo de Luca Simone Ferraro-CONI

“I am very happy to finally have been able to give the Gran Prix of Rome back to Italy.  I am so happy that I don’t even think I actually understand what happened today. It is an incredible accomplishment and being in front of the home crowds makes it even more amazing. This was one of my dreams and I hope that the journey I took in order to get here is of inspiration to many young riders.

This Grand Prix is super prestigious, especially now that Rolex is its main sponsor. This is a fantastic novelty, together with the grass arena. The President of the Italian Equestrian Federation with the support of the Italian Olympic Committee, is doing a great job and I think that as a first year back with a grass arena, the outcome was amazing.

I overheard many riders talk about the show and everyone is enthusiastic! And of course seeing the Italian flag flying on the top of the main events, it was even better!

I started the jump off with a success in mind. I wanted to grant myself the last fence, but for the rest of the other jumps I really went for speed. I know my horse very well and I know I could ask him the effort needed to be at the top.

Since the very first day I have been telling who ever asked me that the horse was in super form and today he gave his best and I rode to win.

The course was great and Uliano was magic. Our course designer represents a unique highlight of the best of made in Italy and we really should be aware of how amazing what he does is. His job is complicated because he needs to build courses that fit the best riders and horses of the world every weelìk. The course today was big and very demanding and this is why also some of the best riders in the world had some faults. I think we offered a beautiful show.

Having my team standing behind me was fundamental to the final result. This is also true with regards to the Nations Cup victory: I felt part of it, it was like if the win was mine, too. I was with my team mates in the warm up arena, I walked the course with them, I gave them all the advice I could just because I feel part of the group. We Italians are becoming closer and closer to the highest level of the sport and this is mostly because we as a team are more and more exposed to the international level, which is something that previously happened mostly on an individual level”.

Source: Press Release by CSIO Roma Master d’Inzeo – Piazza di Siena

Photo: © CSIO Roma / Simone Ferraro – CONI