CSI 4*

Dermott Lennon & Gelvins Touch Earn Second Consecutive Victory in Qualifier for Hamburg Derby CSI 4*

2018. Hamburg CSI 4 Qualifier 2 Dermott Lennon & Gelvins Touch Stefan Lafrentz

Dermott Lennon (IRL) & Gelvins Touch won the €25,300 Deutschen Kreditbank AG Prize CSI 4* yesterday during the Spring und Dressur Derby CSI 4* in Hamburg, Germany.

The Irishman and the 12-year-old grey Irish Sport Horse stallion (Touchdown x Diamond Lad) were victorious in the second qualifier for the Hamburg Derby by leaving all the poles up and completing the 1.50m course with no penalties in 94.13 seconds.

Luca Maria Moneta (ITA) & Neptune Brecourt (Cavalor Cumano x Kayack) secured the second spot on the podium with no penalties in 99.29 seconds.

Holly Smith (GBR) & Quality Old Joker (OBOS Quality 004 x Slyguff Joker) rounded out the top three fater posting a penalty-free performance in 99.53 seconds.

Full Results here.

Source: Press Release from DKB Riders Tour

Photo: © Stefan Lafrentz Pferdefotografie @ http://www.sportfotos-lafrentz.de