CSI 2*

Patsy Zurita & Premiere Xindoctro Método Fly to First at Curitiba CSI 2*-W

2018. Curitiba CSI 2 Classico Patsy Zurita & Xindoctro Método LC Ruas.jpg

Patsy Mourão Zurita (BRA) & Premiere Xindoctro Método won the 1.45m Classic last Tuesday to bring to an end the Curitiba CSI 2*-W at the Sociedade Hípica Paranaense in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.

The young Brazilian (20) were victorious by posting two penalty-free performances, going through the timers in 49.72 seconds during the decisive phase.

Sergio Marin Neves (BRA) & SM Hex Lup Guabi matched the winners’ double clear, coming second only due to their time of 50.11 seconds.

Thales Gabriel de Lima Marino (BRA) & Deauville rounded out the top three after leaving all the poles on their cups, completing the second round in 52.08 seconds.

Source: Press Release by CBH – Confederação Brasileira de Hipismo

Photo: © Luis Carlos Ruas @ LC Ruas – Fotografias