Scott Brash & Ursula XII Unbeatable in €310,000 LGCT Grand Prix of Mexico City CSI 5*

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The 2018 season Longines Global Champions Tour began with a spectacular victory in Mexico City of the British Scott Brash, who already has ten Global Grands Prix in his record. The curtain rose to the long-awaited LGCT season that will take the best riders on the tour to Prague.

Thousands of passionate fans came to the Campo Marte to see their idols, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Olympic Games in the same location. The event receives strong support from the Mexican government and is an important demonstration of the city’s ability to organize high-level sporting events. In addition, the update of the mariachis and adelinas gave a great color to a unique scenario.

The 125m x 75m green course was the great stage for the LGCT Grand Prix of Mexico City. Unlike last year that 25 riders participated, this year it climbed to a total of 35 participants, which put all the Mexican fans who were in Campo Marte, from the VIP boxes, to the side stands, there was no room for one more soul in this majestic stage in Mexico City. With a height of 1.60 meters, 13 obstacles and a total of 16 jumps the course designed by Javier Trenor left a total of 8 clean courses for the jump-off.

The 5 * LGCT Grand Prix of Mexico had a bag of 310,000 euros distributed among the 12 best places, of which the Englishman Scott Brash with his mare veteran of 17 years of age Ursula XII took a total of 102,300 euros.

The first to open the jump-off was the Spanish rider Paola Amilibia with a knockdown in obstacle number 3 of Banorte, she finished her course with 4 faults in a time of 46.46 seconds. The Italian Alberto Zorzi the second participator was the first to obtain a route without fouls in a time of 40.37 seconds that were not enough, due to Daniel Deusser German rider who lowered the time to 40.31 seconds, but just after it came the turn of the experienced British rider Scott Brash who galloped at full speed leaving behind the Italian and the German with an impressive time of 38.65 seconds placing him as champion of LGCT 2018 in Mexico City.

But we could not leave behind the Canadian Olympic champion Eric Lamaze, who was about to steal the victory to Scott Brash, dropping the time to 37.52 seconds but knocking down the last jump of the jump-off obtaining the fourth position. Mexico did not disappoint in this competition with its rider Nicolas Pizarro who knocked down the CDMX jump obtaining the fifth place leaving the Mexican fans very proud of their performance.

Great performance in the GNP Insurance Trophy for Pius Schwizer and Balou Rubin R

The Swiss Pius Schwizer riding Balou Rubin R takes the victory of the GNP Seguros Trophy in the second round of the day with many elements in play; the classification for the LGCT Mexico grand prix, a bag of $145,000 euros and the final test of the Global Champions League of Mexico (tour of sponsored teams).

Summoned at a height of 1.50 / 1.60 against the clock and a very complicated course result of the designer Javier Trenor, the test was a competition full of emotions. The tribunes of the Mars field at the CDMX were to burst, with an audience that was filled with emotions when seeing 55 of the best competitors in the world, fight to get their classification for the Grand Prix later. Of all of them, only 16 riders managed to finish their route without faults, since the last obstacle, a board so thin, that almost with the blowing of the wind could fall, was the executioner of several of the participants.

The competition became interesting when the Irish Bertram Allen made a clean course, marking a time of 57.78 seconds, time that seemed unbeatable, but only a few riders later Pius Schwize arrives, who manages to steal the first place of the competition with a time 57.73 seconds, time that was enough to take the individual victory of the test. The third place is achieved by the Colombian Carlos Lopez riding G & C Arrayan who managed to finish his route without fouls in a time of 59.52 seconds.

For the GCL teams the situation became interesting, since with the course without faults of the two riders of the Miami Celtics (Michel Duffy and Denis Lynch) who occupied the sixth position after the test yesterday with 6 faults, They take the first place of the competition, Paris Panthers did not get their course without faults and finished in second place with a total of 12 points and a time of 118.29 seconds. Valkenswaard United manages to stay in third place with 12 points but a time of 122.82 seconds.

The Banorte 2* trophy goes to Jorge Canedo and Caitari

At 9:00 o’clock sharp, the most important day of LGCT Mexico began with the Banorte trophy, summoned at a height of 1.35 with a subsequent tie-breaker. The test had a total of 61 participants of which 17 managed to pass the tiebreak, it was a complicated course with a very tight time, leaving several competitors with fouls for excess time.

For the jump-off, things became very tense. The first to participate went at full speed but with some faults in their course. It was not until the rider number 5 Pedro Yrigoyen participated with a conservative time of 40.30 seconds he achieved the first zero of the jump-off. With only two riders of difference, Jorge Canedo arrived to impose an unbeatable time of 31.88 seconds, enough to keep the first place in the competition.

Sergio Agustin Aguilar tried to steal the victory remaining a very short time to achieve, with 32.56 seconds was left with second place. The penultimate rider to participate was Gonzalo Azcárraga keeping the third place, making a clean course in a time of 33.39 seconds.

Source: Press Release by Oxersport

Photo: © Oxersport / Manuel Queimadolos